Tuesday, October 03, 2006

one afternoon

GL walks expectantly towards her colleague's cubicle... it's lunch time and GL's hunger pangs are distracting her... everyone else has left for lunch an hour ago. and GL curses herself for not having joined them... now she's left with this particular colleague to lunch with... upon reaching,
GL: hi, lunch?
colleague(looks at her watch): ohmygawddd! it's already 1:30! gosh! how time flies
GL(nods her head): so lets go eat
colleague(turns her monitor towards GL): hey can you figure why my query doesn't give me this particular row I am looking for?
GL(hunger pangs are clawing away, takes a look): you can't say "%" when you say "=" in your WHERE clause for string searches... use "LIKE" in place of "="
colleague(self-admonishingly): ohhh, yeah! Silly me to miss these small things.
(colleague does the necessary changes to her program and runs the query on her computer again... gets the result she is looking for.. and runs the query for a second time)
GL(shifts her weight on her other foot): lunch?
colleague(still seated): you know SH had a baby boy last week! lucky SH
GL(can't recall who SH is, all attention towards cafeteria): hmm. why don't we talk over lunch?
colleague: good idea! lemme lock my machine. you know, when i first got XP installed, I did a ctrl-alt-del to lock my comp, and it showed me the Task Manager. Imagine my horror. Now how on earth am I supposed to know that c+A+D in XP has to be set in the Control Panel to lock my system, instead of showing me the TaskManager!
GL(looks away)
colleague(senses something is wrong): were you saying something?
GL(visibly annoyed, but stays polite): lunch?
colleague(gives a dirty look): yeahhhhhh... you can be so impatient. You know.....

GL is not around.... colleague spots GL in the long corridor, barging her way towards the cafeteria....

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Alok said...

hmmmm, bit realistic and quite a few good information, technical though :)