Saturday, December 16, 2006

yet another day

A: so tell me what are your major accomplishments in the last six months?
GL(politely): what are my major accomlishments... hmmm. a good question.
A: (after a while) what ARE your major accomplishments, GL?
GL(truthfully): the fact that I am still around... isn't that a major accomplishment in itself?
A(getting angry): shadappp... stop fantasizing about your imaginary versatility and your unexisting intelligence. And tell me, what the hell are your major accomplishments?
GL(squirming in her seat): well...ahem. to be frank, nothing.
A: right. isn't it as simple as that. nothing. go ahead you nuthead, write that here.
GL: arrrrghhhh.. sure as hell, I can't be writing that.
A: true. so go ahead and tell me one, i pray, just one of ur major
accomplishments. surely you must have done something noteworthy during your last six months.
GL: something noteworthy? well I...
A gives GL an extremely dirty look.
GL(pleading): Hey wait.. I can explain.
A: aha.. explain! and you think you are worth an explanation.
GL: huh.. are you gonna listen or are you gonna not listen?
A(still sneering): you really think I have that kinda time and patience to hear your loony tunes out, don't you?
GL: no?
A(matter-of-factly): never
GL: are you sure?
A: was never more surer
GL: so here you go....
A(looking away): good-riddance to you too

keyboard: alt+F4
MS Word: Do you want to save the changes you made to SelfEvaluation Performance Review.doc?
GL: No

A = the appraisal document

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Alok said...

wish documents can talk to us :)

i can correct all the errors that i have done unknowingly ...