Thursday, February 22, 2007

last night...

GL and HD snuggle together and watch the movie "Paheli".... HD miffs GL by being way too empathic with the character of the ghost(dear ole SRK) in the movie... HD's growing anxiety is almost palpable around the time the gadariya (goatherd, played by AB) traps him in his goatskin bag... GL and HD take a break to calm HD's nerves. At last, HD feels comforted by the way the movie ends... sleeps fitfully all night.

HD's way too sensitive at times. Whoever said women were difficult to understand!
HD: an imaginary and good-for-nothing guy GL lives with.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Everybody loves GL

... enough to warrant her murder someday

Colleagues are all laughing and chatting and flocked at another colleague's computer. GL joins in.
a colleague: hey, see this pic GL and tell us what you think?
GL sees a picture of a beautiful girl on the colleague's monitor... and thinks it to be that of a new actress on scene.
GL(enthusiastically): Who's this squint-eyed lady?
Blaring silence. GL looks around. Everyone's glaring at her.The shy colleague was actually showing off his good-looking fiancee!

GL and TL are discussing the PM. GL's chat window has closed. GL continues writing back to TL, in a new window.
GL(as she writes): yes TL, I agree with you that unfortunately our PM has all those shortcomings. How sad for us!
Clicks on send. Waits for an answer. No answer. Checks archives.
GL's sent the message to the PM... TL's avoiding GL ever since.

GL's best-friend and his gf come visiting GL.
GL(a 1000watts smile on): Hey guys, how have you been?
friend: good... and you?
friend's gf: We were passing by here and thought of catching up with you. You know how he keeps gushing about you.
GL(to her friend): Didn't you get me any flowers today?
An embarassing silence... friend's gf's giving friend the nastiest accusatory look... friend's looking at GL with utter frustration... and GL doesn't know where to look... wants to disappear somehow.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

and yet another day...

GL(with all her venom): I'll get you out of my life....whatever it takes!
particle(with equal fervour): whatever it takes.

"Mummieeeeee..." sniffs GL as she splashes water into her eyes yet again... but the particle that has gone into her right eye just refuses to budge... and hurts her eye with more vengeance than before... and GL doesn't give up. Not yet. After all, it's a mere particle... a speck of dust. And she, a thinking, reasoning human being. And what's more, its HER eye!

Its 6pm and GL's been struggling from the past half an hour to get this thing out of her eye.

Unfortunately it has lodged itself right in the centre of her upper right eyelid. The eye had begun swelling and turning tulip red. Endless drops of an eye-cleaning solution had irritated the eye beyond GL's endurance ( GL's strong, you know.. and not afraid of being hurt )

Minutes drag by... GL still thinks some eyedrops and a good sleep will definitely nudge the particle out by morning... GL tries to ignore the throbbing pain. The eye's turned beet red. And half it's usual size.

particle(sneers): Ignoring me, huh?
GL(sneers back): And why shouldn't I?
particle: Cos I can hurt you... and hurt you real bad.
GL: Huh.. really?
particle: Look what I have done to you already.
GL looks away, wishing the tear brimming in her good eye doesn't spill. Not now.
particle(in a kinder tone): Call for help, GL. Arrogance doesn't help.

It's 11pm. GL calls for help.

At the hospital, syringe-loads of saline has only forced the particle to wedge deeper into GL's eyelid from the inside. Tears stream down GL's good eye. A visibly distraught Rj asks for an eye-specialist only to be turned down. None were available at that hour. Rj makes umpteen calls to locate an eye-hospital that could be open. And finds one.

particle: Hey GL, I am real sorry. Didn't mean to see you in this state...
particle: Hey GL, say something...
particle: come on... please say something.

Meanwhile, GL has made her way to the nearest mirror. The white-of-the-eye has gone so red that GL can hardly locate her eyeball! GL's eye is a mere swollen slit, not more than two red centimeters, when open, and a fat frog's eye when closed.

The doc on duty suggests an eye-patch. Rj suggests an eye-doc. GL can't stand the thought of anything touching her already sore-with-pain eye...settles for an eye-patch.

plop... plop...Two drops of Ciplox plop into GL's eye... a white eye-gauge reeking of hospital-smells is placed on the hopeless eye... and bandaged firmly with two parallel bands...

Ciplox does the needful... GL has stopped whining and Rj is relieved. The ride back home is peaceful. Rj steers clear of all potholes, and GL is sorry for him... On a normal day, GL and Rj go bumping full speed into every single pothole.

Back home, GL gingerly gets into bed, and HD (the imaginary and good-for-nothing guy in GL's life) is at her elbow again.

HD: so hows the feeling, GL?
An impromptu tear rolls down GL's eye as she looks sullenly at HD. How could he be so mean!

HD: Hey come on... I meant how do you feel NOW that your eye is not hurting the way it hurt before?
GL(wipes her good eye): Feels better. But I look so scary... even to myself!
HD: huh... of course not, GL. You look pretty, you know... like a pretty young thing....
GL: a pretty young thing?
HD(takes a good look): ... a know... a pretty pirate.
GL(finds it so funny): hahahaa.. lemme see.

Bounds out of bed and is facing the mirror in record time... ( women and mirrors are separate-me-not's )

The patch doesn't look all that bad anymore.. the pain's forgotten... the ordeal seems like a thing of the past... and GL's grinning from ear to ear... at being called "a pretty pirate"!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Coorg - more than just coffee

A short walk through dense greens to reach the falls, and up a flight of stairs leads(gives you the Inca trail feeling) you to the pretty tall Iruppu waterfall:
The Tibetan monastery at Bylekuppe... there's a Tibetan settlement and a monastery at this place, their trademark prayer flags and generous use of gold in their paintings and all.
The monastery is a riot of colours - beautiful and exquisite.

Inside one of the buildings in the monastery:

Steps leading up the Brahmagiri, beside Tala Cauvery. Tala Cauvery is where river Cauvery originates. Climbing up these many stairs rewards one with a beautiful view of the mountain ranges beyond.

Picture-perfect Abbey Falls. This was another beautiful place.

What made the trip to Coorg very special was the first( n probably the last) and biggest all-girls' trip that spanned for three days, and all the coorgi people i have known all my life - our neighbours in jhansi, my hockey coach at school whose place we stayed at for a while in Virajpet, long long ago of course, school friends. The river Cauvery, highly revered in Karnataka and a major source of water, originates here at Talacauvery.

The Omkareshwar Temple with a stepped well and huge fishes, the Fort and museum, Raja’s Seat(a View Point with a toy-train that will let you ride it for as much as you like), Abbey falls, Bhagamandala, Talacauvery, Bramhagiri, Iruppu Falls, Nisargadhama, the Tibetan settlement and Temple at Bylukuppe were the few places we visited during our lovely home-stay there.