Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Everybody loves GL

... enough to warrant her murder someday

Colleagues are all laughing and chatting and flocked at another colleague's computer. GL joins in.
a colleague: hey, see this pic GL and tell us what you think?
GL sees a picture of a beautiful girl on the colleague's monitor... and thinks it to be that of a new actress on scene.
GL(enthusiastically): Who's this squint-eyed lady?
Blaring silence. GL looks around. Everyone's glaring at her.The shy colleague was actually showing off his good-looking fiancee!

GL and TL are discussing the PM. GL's chat window has closed. GL continues writing back to TL, in a new window.
GL(as she writes): yes TL, I agree with you that unfortunately our PM has all those shortcomings. How sad for us!
Clicks on send. Waits for an answer. No answer. Checks archives.
GL's sent the message to the PM... TL's avoiding GL ever since.

GL's best-friend and his gf come visiting GL.
GL(a 1000watts smile on): Hey guys, how have you been?
friend: good... and you?
friend's gf: We were passing by here and thought of catching up with you. You know how he keeps gushing about you.
GL(to her friend): Didn't you get me any flowers today?
An embarassing silence... friend's gf's giving friend the nastiest accusatory look... friend's looking at GL with utter frustration... and GL doesn't know where to look... wants to disappear somehow.


Anonymous said...

Howcome u still surviving and that too as Ms.SMTS...sure with the skillset u have one day u will join me Mr.MTS ..
Keep blogging..

Anonymous said...

"Every body loves GL" We too ,we too !!!!!

Anonymous said...

PM's tale sounds quite familier :-)