Saturday, July 21, 2007

one evening..

.. and as GL watched, Rj went down on one knee... and just as she had feared, he popped the big question.

"No Rj" GL barely managed... and looked away.
He was asking too much of her... she was tired now.. and wanted to get home quick.

"Please GL... for all these years' sake" Rj pleaded. There was despair in his voice now...

the years flashed by GL... she thought of how they had first met six years ago, worked together on impossible projects, stayed glued in difficult times, and turned into the best of buddies... there had always been an unspoken set of rules that bound them into a steadfast friendship almost unheard of.

... and now, Rj had breached them all... he had tried to emotionally blackmail GL - into giving in.

GL looked at Rj... the setting sun lent a golden hue to his handsome face... the breeze teasing his curly hair made him look younger than his 29 years... unquestionable love and a deep concern engulfed his soft brown eyes... GL was moved... it was unusual of Rj to wear his heart on his sleeve.

GL sighed... and relented..... and got off Rj's motor-bike.

A relieved and kneeling Rj continued examining the flat tire... he had been pleading with his pillion, GL, from the past many minutes to get off the bike and avoid any damage to the rear wheel... the love and concern had been for his dear bike...

and GL, for her part, had insisted that Rj let her be seated as he dragged his bike to the service station.

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