Sunday, September 23, 2007


... in a mad world

GL(over the phone and shuffling through her bags): umm.. and I bought a pair of maroon sandals. Guess what colour they are.
Sb(matter of fact-ly): maroon
GL(surprised and excited): whoa! and how did ya know?!
Sb: It was only a guess... yawwwwn!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


mysore, the cultural capital of karnataka, is 140+ kms from bangalore. popular for way too many things - silk, sandalwood, rosewood, palaces, dasara/dusshera, jasmine, food, and its proximity to river kaveri.

janapada loka(a museum stocking folk-sy stuff) on the outskirts of Bangalore on the Bangalore-Mysore highway: (it's better known for being kamat lokaruchi's neighbour, the former being a very popular eatery)

in one of the many aalemane's enroute, sugarcane juice boils in kilns to transmogrify into jaggery... (never miss a trip to an aalemane where you get fresh sugarcane juice by the litre and for a very nominal or no price at all)

the city of mysore rests at the foot of the chamundi hills. view from the hill:

The Nandi at Chamundi hills ( to get an idea of how tall this is, notice a lady on the right side in the pic )

the mean monster at the ambavilas palace
section of the Mysore/Ambavilas Palace ( with the sun on the wrong side )

a part of the Krishna Raja Sagar dam...

a closer view ( of the earlier section ) of the KRS dam:

Saturday, September 01, 2007

GL's good eye

SB: you have good eyes.
GL(baffled): sorry?
SB: you have good eyes.

Good eyes! GOOD eyes? you mean, good EYES? GL's pleased.

Surely, there's some mistake... people usually think otherwise of GL's eyes... 'time to open your eyes sweetie, you've been out of bed long ago'... 'such droopy eyes! you can't be sleepy( this time of the day!)' ... and a very kind 'are your eyes ever bright GL, ever fully-open!'... the more regular one being 'gosh GL.. just looking at your eyes makes me sleepy'... to be read 'can't stand looking at your eyes GL.. why don't you splash some cold water into them and come fully awake'... et al

But then, different people...differing perspectives... good eyes, eh? A happy smile spreads rapidly... someone's actually complimented GL's eyes.. and GL can't believe it. And almost begins to say 'thankyou'...

SB(continues): the pictures are pretty good.
GL(confused): sorry?
SB: I mean to say.. the pictures you shoot have a good angle to them. The light is not bad either. And I appreciate that you don't edit them. For an untrained person, you have good eyes.'

Its 'you have a good eye', you #$%$#.. not 'you have good eyes'... the smile retracts rapidly...

GL sulks over her luke-warm coffee... and SB over his wasted compliment.