Sunday, September 09, 2007


mysore, the cultural capital of karnataka, is 140+ kms from bangalore. popular for way too many things - silk, sandalwood, rosewood, palaces, dasara/dusshera, jasmine, food, and its proximity to river kaveri.

janapada loka(a museum stocking folk-sy stuff) on the outskirts of Bangalore on the Bangalore-Mysore highway: (it's better known for being kamat lokaruchi's neighbour, the former being a very popular eatery)

in one of the many aalemane's enroute, sugarcane juice boils in kilns to transmogrify into jaggery... (never miss a trip to an aalemane where you get fresh sugarcane juice by the litre and for a very nominal or no price at all)

the city of mysore rests at the foot of the chamundi hills. view from the hill:

The Nandi at Chamundi hills ( to get an idea of how tall this is, notice a lady on the right side in the pic )

the mean monster at the ambavilas palace
section of the Mysore/Ambavilas Palace ( with the sun on the wrong side )

a part of the Krishna Raja Sagar dam...

a closer view ( of the earlier section ) of the KRS dam:

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