Monday, October 29, 2007

road trip and trek around shimoga

signed-up for an easy trek by summiters over a weekend I was supposed to be travelling homewards...pooled in my newly-acquired-hardly-used car...13thOct morning...Bangalore-Tumkur-Birur-Arsikere-Shimoga-Sagar way.beautiful drive, especially on the state highway between shimoga and sagar.. green paddy and raagi fields.. and lotus ponds.. stop at the viewpoint for river sharavati... a little ahead, a flat me, left the required tools at home... flag down a passing-by alto.. fix... 5pm, reach the tall and very noisy waterfall about 2-3kms from the road... park cars by the roadside...3 hours behind schedule..heavy with a series of small waterfall. terrific view - gurgling splashing water, rocks, tall hills dense with vegetation. cloudless sky, a yellowing sun and a thousand sounds.

setup tents.. gather wood.. watch it darken in minutes...emergeny lamp conks... star-gaze.. step on an ant colony by mistake and get bitten a thousand times... pitch dark...zonk off.

day2: 14thOct: up.. ready.. sipping tea by 5am.. 6am, climb the circuitous route to the base of a part of the waterfall. the waterfall falls tall at first, then levels off, then falls again... and levels off and then falls again.. forming a series of mini waterfall. a king cobra was supposedly spotted the last time C,V and S went there... everyone's on a lookout...climb is fun and annoying at the same time... slippery.. and more than one fall... bloodsucking leeches decorate themselves on human skin... dense foliage..scary..

the base of the first waterfall looked a bit like heaven. beautiful... peaceful.. serene.. slippery wet rocks..more leeches, one crab, tiger butterflies, dragonflies and birds..sound of hornbills too... eerie at times...

climb down after a few hours.. some more slips and falls... aching bums... freshen up in the smaller waterfall.. change.. pack.. homeward bound... stop at jog falls... eat.. longish drive back home(the return journeys are always tiring and long)

this is what happened when a plant's stem was slashed to make way, with a sickle... it bled...

one of the many ponds by the highway

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Ashutosh said...

Modern marco polo..existing wonders of the world,through cam I guess.