Sunday, January 20, 2008

Uttaranchal - Munsiyaari

to everybody who've (willingly)been a part of GL's life so far.
to C who helped put the plan together... and who was sadly lost to a fatal slip in vajrapoha a year later.

p.s: some of the above pictures were taken by Sb, a good friend GL made this trip with. after GL's batteries conked in a snowfall, GL and Sb took turns at  taking a lot of pictures en route with Sb's Canon 350d and we have no idea which picture belongs to whom. Nevertheless, all photos have been posted here with Sb's permission...  
talk about 'the benefit of doubt' making you doubt the benefits ;)

Uttaranchal: Karnaprayag, Rishikesh, Haridwar

the following pictures were taken by Sb, posted here with his permission:

Uttaranchal: Auli

p.s: all the above pictures are by Sb, and posted here with his permission 

Uttaranchal: Chitai Temple of bells...

Uttaranchal: beautiful Ranikhet

Uttaranchal: Nainital and Bheemtal

Uttaranchal: Jim Corbett National Park


Hogenakal falls in Tamil Nadu, 180+kms from Bangalore, is my favourite one around. There is not one, but a series of waterfalls all around a rocky terrain.

you hire a coracle to take you across the river to the view-point of the falls, and then again right below the waterfalls and to a point where you are dropped off for a got to climb a hill and whoa! some more rocks and mind-blowing waterfalls. back down. and the coracle drops you off at a sandy bank at the far end where the water's quite shallow. splash around and the coracle takes you back after an hour or so. you get to see an ocassional kingfisher, and lots of cattle egret and the pond heron picking tiny fishes at the waterfalls.