Wednesday, May 21, 2008


In cafeteria...
colleague1: did you vote this year?
GL(oops!): no.
Elections and politics are such an achilles-heel with GL...
colleague1: did you have to vote in Bangalore or your native town?
GL(lying through her nose): my native town.
colleague1: were the elections in your native town on the same day as here?
GL(oops!): idea.
GL's still hunting for the word that could describe the look on colleague1's face

GL works on databases.
colleague2: can you help my friend restore sleepycat?
GL(amused): sleepycat? of course.. who else can restore a sleepy cat better than lady garfield...
colleague2(ignoring the talk): it's crashed and he's looking for someone to restore it.
GL(now confused): what's sleepycat?
colleague2(surprised): don't you know? it's a popular lightweight database. Oracle bought it in 2006!
GL(tired of being embarrassed): well, no. thanks anyway.
colleague2(matter-of-factly): no problem. i will find someone else.
GL's putting a retirement plan in place.... should have done it long ago.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

bannerghatta national park

and it's sleepy inmates...

a beautiful sambar rests by the fence of the safari enclosure... almost the only person.. errr... animal that was awake in the whole wide national park...

in the final stage of falling into a slumber....
per prerna singh bindra's "the king and i", all the current white tigers(pink paws, pink nose, blue eyes et al) in india have one single ancestor. reckless hunting of tigers by the indian royal families of yore, ensured that their numbers dwindled rapidly. and one such royal murderer let go of one of the white tigers which later spawned others.

don't even bother to find out if this iguana is up or not.. it's been immobile for hours now..

'em too... beautiful skin and all.


pretty Hobbes.. no doubts about what's he upto..

big and small... snore away all

the park houses bengal tigers, white tigers, lions, sambars, spotted deer and bears(mostly rescued ones and quite tame). these animals are a delight to watch while on a safari. the enclosures section has most birds(peacocks, white peafowls, waterfowls, pheasants, hornbills, parakeets and others) and monkeys and a few elephants and reptiles(a good collection of snakes, few iguanas, crocs, alligators), hippos, malabar squirrels etc. there's a small kid's play area and a very attractive butterfly park. the butterfly park has an impressive museum and a video show. the park is good fun and you can spend an entire day just looking around.