Wednesday, May 21, 2008


In cafeteria...
colleague1: did you vote this year?
GL(oops!): no.
Elections and politics are such an achilles-heel with GL...
colleague1: did you have to vote in Bangalore or your native town?
GL(lying through her nose): my native town.
colleague1: were the elections in your native town on the same day as here?
GL(oops!): idea.
GL's still hunting for the word that could describe the look on colleague1's face

GL works on databases.
colleague2: can you help my friend restore sleepycat?
GL(amused): sleepycat? of course.. who else can restore a sleepy cat better than lady garfield...
colleague2(ignoring the talk): it's crashed and he's looking for someone to restore it.
GL(now confused): what's sleepycat?
colleague2(surprised): don't you know? it's a popular lightweight database. Oracle bought it in 2006!
GL(tired of being embarrassed): well, no. thanks anyway.
colleague2(matter-of-factly): no problem. i will find someone else.
GL's putting a retirement plan in place.... should have done it long ago.

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