Tuesday, June 10, 2008

another day in the life of GL...

A conversation at the Venkateshwara temple... between a middle-aged Rajasthani couple and the temple priest, after the pooja is over and when most people begin to leave.

Couple(with folded hands): Namaste swamiji... hum chalte hain.
Priest(folds his hands too, smiling warmly): Namaskaara. Naale banni.

GL's closeby and knows that the priest does not understand a hint of Hindi. Wonders if she should volunteer to translate between the conversing parties.

The couple somehow realise their swamiji hasn't understood them.

Couple(motioning with their hand): Nahin nahin swamiji. Hum gaon jaa rahein hain.

Their (en)acting out is perfect. Swamiji's eyebrows shoot up in understanding.

Priest(motions back with his hands): Ohh... oorige horatra? Matte yaavaga barodu?

Perfect again.

Couple(enacting the talk once more): Pata nahin swamiji. Jab Venkateshwara-ji bulaenge...
And touch the priest's feet together.

Priest(blessing them with both hands) Hogbittu banni. Devru valledu maadli.
Another round of heart-warming 'namaste' and the folks go their respective ways.

..... and GL thought they needed a translator?!!!

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