Wednesday, June 18, 2008

muthatti and mekedaatu

muthatti is a small village, about 90+ kms from bangalore. and further down, is the confluence of rivers kaveri and arkavarthy, known as the kaveri sangama and then a little distance away is mekedaatu.

painted stork:

the waters at Sangam that you walk across and take a bus-ride to Mekedaatu...
at mekedaatu:

the drive to muthatthi and mekedaatu is a pleasant one.. around muthatti, the road runs alongside the river making it all the more nicer. the waters at this point is murky, being used by the village folks for their daily chores(that's one bad thing about villages by the water bodies). also there are boards warning people of crocs in the waters. there's a small patch of sand in between the river and coracles ply people to and fro. since it's very crowded and the water bad, we go on to the kaveri sangama. lotsa greenery on either side of the road, popular for sighting the malabar squirrel. what we found instead were kingfishers and painted storks and a peacock that flew down a tree and quickly hopped away. there are parking spots and a shallow place where we could walk across the waters.. on the other side, hire a jeep to take you to mekedaatu... the bumpiest ride ever and there was elephant poop by the roadside. could not find the spot pallavi had shown me in her pictures. the rocks by the river are as smooth as smooth can be, dead slippery and had weird formations.
A very pleasant outing.

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