Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some lunch this...

Lunch time one day...GL's team at workplace trudges to MTR on Lalbagh road(Lalbagh West Gate), Bangalore. Coupons are bought and a nice-ish table chosen to settle down. All other tables host peace-loving folks.

GL gets out of her stupor in stages, and looks around. The place is neat and clean and small, the floor is old-times granite. The folks there are dressed in red-striped half-sleeved shirts and white lungis and bare foot and very polite. Plates are laid out, and glasses of water, and then a small glass of grape juice appears.

after a longish wait, the clockwork arrival of food begins... carrot kosumbari... and cabbage sabzi... chickpeas veggie... and a scalding hot puri that kinda takes up the entire left-over space in the plate... and a curd vada... and a ras-malai... and piping hot rice payasa....and papad.. and multi-veggie pickle.. and a second helping of hot puris... by now, one has already had enough of a lunch... but then, the piece de resistance arrives - veg.pulao with a terrific raita... followed by plain rice and pumpkin sambar.. plain rice and rasam... .. and curd rice... and fruit-salad with a scoop of vanilla icecream... arrival of a paan announces the end of this multi-course meal... thankfully!

back at work.. a bunch of drowsy folks take turns at the coffee vending machine...

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