Tuesday, June 10, 2008

why GL prefers home to outdoors...

GL's neck-deep and splashing around with her friends, in the cool waters of a river...having a gala time... when she suddenly remembers something.

GL(turning around to everyone) Hey I saw a sign-board saying there were crocs around...
Sb(matter-of-factly): aplenty.
GL: you mean the crocs?
Ht(happiest of the lot): of course the crocs, you stupid!
GL(shocked): and...err... aren't you scared?
Sb(surfaces): Isn't that why i carry this rope.
... shows the rope tied around his waist and goes back plop! into deeper water

GL(relieved): So you gonna save us with that rope should a croc grab any of us.
Sb(annoyed): this rope I carry is to save MYSELF should a croc grab ME.
Vg(to Sb, before GL could react): and I heard there are fresh-water crabs too.
Sb: aplenty.
Ht(brightening up a few shades): I love eating crabs! Did you know, when a crab bites you, all you do is bite it back.
GL(disgusted): You mean, bite it off?
Vg(overly excited): Yup, bite it's head off. I have done it before.
GLs getting blurry-eyed with shock and fear... makes for the river-bank.

Vg(turning to Ht and Sb): and did you see how bold GL was when we crossed the shallow waterway this morning?
GL(turns back and confused): Why do you say so? You were with me when we crossed it.

Ht(offering an explanation on Vg's behalf): Stupid, you were walking almost over a keelback's ridge.
Sb(before GL could ask her stupid question): A keelback is a water-snake and travels just below the sandbed of the river and leaves a ridge in the sand when it passes by.
GL(can't believe a word she's hearing): And I was walking beside THE ridge?!
Ht(matter-of-factly): Right over it.
GL's dizzy now.

Vg: But why are you going away?
GL: I want get out of these grabbing-biting-poisoning waters.
Ht(more to herself): crocs are found more at the banks than in deep waters.
Vg: Crabs too.
Sb: Keelbacks prefer shallow riverbanks than the deeper waters.
GL has no memory of what happened next... she's grateful for the same and for being safe and sound and intact and back home... and of course, she keeps a safe distance from the fearless bunch

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