Sunday, September 28, 2008

bunny life...

GL's had a frustrating day, and wants to talk about it. Makes her way to the bunny-den. The bunnies are having a gala time trying to out-hop each other.

GL(softly): ahemmmm..
The bunnies are beyond caring...
GL(loud enough): gawwwd, just how could you guys ignore me so!
The bunnies hear her now... and line up at the mesh.

Spokesbunny(- the spokesperson bunny): hello GL!
GL(relieved to have gotten attention): hey guys, how have you been? What have you been...
Spokesbunny(... cutting GL off): aahhh GL, you got something in your hand?
GL(remembers): oh yes.. yes... I got some carrots for you.
There's a collective squeak of delight... GL's looks at the carrots she's carrying.
Spokesbunny(stamping his foot impatiently): well?

The other bunnies are all staring at the carrots in GL's hand.
Good lord, these monsters! here i am trying to strike a conversation.. and all they ever care for is food.. GL thinks.

GL extends the carrots through the mesh.. and before she could let go, they sink their teeth in and pull them out of GL's hand with unbelievable bunny-strength... and get down to business.. nibble..nibble... more squeaks... nibble..nibble.. GL gives up, saddened by their inhuman gluttony... its a relief they are vegetarian!

but GL's mad at them now...
GL: aren't you ashamed of yourselves? all you do the whole day long is eat and ...
Can't get herself to say it... she meant to tell them how the innumerable bunny babies that appeared every now and then were sending her grocery bills soaring.. Spokesbunny raises a nasty brow... GL raises her chin..the others don't care and continue nibbling..

Spokesbunny: and?
GL(undaunted, but corrects her statement): All you guys ever do the whole day long is to eat and laze around. Aren't you ashamed?

The other bunnies stop eating... and flank the Spokesbunny.. offended, they all look at GL now... it's their way of showing(-off) their solidarity.

Spokesbunny: and you, GL, aren't you ashamed? All you ever do is complain.
The other bunnies nod in agreement... that's another thing they always do - wear a collective thought... talk about individuality!

GL(straightening up): Well, I live in a real world ( unlike you)... and I have real world problems.
Four pairs of bloodshot eyes roll heavenwards...
Spokesbunny(watching GL closely): well, in that case, why don't we exchange lives?

GL's horrified... a bunny's life?! non-stop eating and those innumerable bunny babies... gosh! nooooooo
GL(recovering quickly): ahem well.. I gotto go now.. see you guys later.

Hastens to leave.... and hears giggles and hoots behind her back...