Tuesday, October 28, 2008

lalbagh and it's lovely occupants

Lalbagh is more of a botanical garden, but had enough fauna to keep folks coming back for more. an important lungspace of bangalore, it also doubles up to host folk culture - music, dance, plays et al.

 apart from the glass house and a wide array of flowering plants, there's a small lake with a bit of marsh. and here you will find the pretty purple moorehen. and lazing pelicans and ducks... and close to a thousand crows


squirrels you will find by the hundreds.... the lakeside is a melee of bird-tweet and squirrel squeaks. of course, you got to get there early morn. remember, the gates open at 6am. 

and parrots... them too.. by the hundreds.... nesting in the high crevices of trees and wary of approaching humans

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