Tuesday, December 29, 2009

gray pigeon

they perch outside your window, make you go "awwww, how sweet!", insist you take their pictures.... and then they poop!

* remember the pigeon island in papillon?... every inch of the island is so covered in pigeon poop that it makes them cry sulphur-induced tears and leave the island in a hurry

* camera critters #90

neem leaves and turmeric water

Melmaruvathur Amman is a popular goddess in the town of Melmaruvathur in Tamil Nadu. Devotees, both men and women, dress in red and carry small claypots on their heads as they chant and walk in a procession from their homes to the temple. The claypot either contains turmeric dissolved in water to be used for bathing the idol or sweet-pongal(sweetened rice) as an offering.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

turtle talk

... on another perfectly normal day at the GL household

GL: i love you, dear turtle,
more than i probably should
ever since i brought you home
life's been oh! so good

turtle: i love you too, GL
though right now i'm in a grumpy mood
so will ya just cut the crap
and give me some food

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

hurry up now, will ya

this tiny snail, about half an inch long, was found loitering on a friend's umbrella on a wet rainy day. the black fabric is that of the folded umbrella.

Monday, December 21, 2009

touching my toes

TT: touch me! touch me if you can...
TF: of course i am going to touch you, you fool.
TT: haha! i dare you
TF: and once i do, you gonna have a tough time getting away

PK: stop it you two! i am hurting

TT: tip of my toes,TF: tip of my fingers, PK: painful knees

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


A lovely marigold and it's equally pretty guest:

A hill woman holding her grand-kid, sells incense sticks and other paraphernalia at the entrance of Patal Bhuvaneshwar, a cave complex in the hilly Pittorgarh district of Uttarakhand:

A pilgrim stops awhile to catch his breath.

Mellow Yellow Monday #46
That's My World Tuesday

Sunday, December 06, 2009


when a friend's family asked if I'd like to join them for a 3-day trip to chennai, to attend a wedding, I jumped at the offer. long hours on the road, great food at the wedding, the familiar chennai heat/dust/autos sans (fare)meters/buses sans window-glasses et al were the expected goodies... what came as a total surprise was the lush greenery around kalahasti in andhra pradesh with pockets of man-made water reservoirs and cultivated land as far as eye could see.


the trip to the Kalahasti temple was quite eventful. the temple complex is a huge one with multiple entries/exits. the idols are impressive and the roof in most places was either exquistely carved or painted in eye-catching colours.

day3 was spent picking produce at their farm - lady's-finger, radish, ridge gourd, bottle gourd and lemon - stopping to splash at a stream and driving homewards.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


do click on the picture of the yellow butterly and view it large... while you are there, do look at the rolled up  mouth/proboscis

Camera critters#86

Sunday, November 22, 2009


the ducking act:

the night heron:

and you are the sunbird, aren't you?

an eventful weekend

this beautiful and kinda huge dragonfly was found clinging to GL's clothesline this morning and swaying with the breeze.... isn't that an unusual perch for a dragonfly... GL's not complaining though

later the same afternoon, there were a bunch of painted storks hovering in the sky right above GL's house... an accidental look skywards can bring so much joy... it could be the nearby lakes.. or were these birds looking for a long-lost lake that could have now been closed and converted into a bus-stop(like the banshankari bus depot) or apartment complexes(like the ones on sarjapur road) or a mall perhaps...

they made a pretty sight as they flew farther and farther away in circles

and then, these artsy cats GL made on a scrapperfoil...  aren't they cute... with a twinkle in their eyes and all

Sunday, September 06, 2009

a sad tale

the much revered silent key
wasn't so revered by his family

they grudged him his measly income
and his hobby hours being an OM

to him, they always came first
but unloved, he now mingles with dust.

* An amateur radio operator who has died is referred to by other amateur radio operators as a 'silent key'.
* In the world of ham radio, OM(old man) refers to a Gentleman Radio Amateur, much as YL(young lady) refers to a Lady Radio Amateur.
* WeekendWordsmith prompt 'silent' + SundayScribblings prompt 'key'

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

a father and his gifts

far below the surface of the sea
fathoms away from the sun's harsh glare
the old pearl-diver hides his oysters
ocassionally checking on how they fare

seaweed and barnacles are a real threat
to his big dreams for his little girls
in a few months, if his toils go well
they'll delight in the lustre of wondrous pearls!

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: lustre, glare, threat

Thursday, August 13, 2009

typical email exchanges

.. on busy workdays... on how mindless your talks can get when you talk to the other person just for the heck of it.

GL: dya remember jk.. he worked with us in our last workplace. i met him a few weeks back and he was asking about you
Friend: oh yeah! i remember him alright... tall, dark,and his teeth were a bit roughed up :-) How is he now? still the same?
GL: pretty much... he's still tall and his teeth are still roughed up, whatever that means... though he isn't that dark anymore. he's turning fairer and fairer.
Friend: thats surprising!
GL doesn't know what to write back... 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the mumbai rains

dark clouds move in, gather thick, lash out transparent rain
settle the summer's dust, turn the city clean and green again.
the temperatures fall, so do people on their knees
they thank the rain god: no more dry taps, power-cuts cease.

but then the city begins to drown, there's havoc and despair
the oft-told gloomy tale of reprieve turning into a nightmare

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: gloom, kneel, transparent
incessant rains have been lashing mumbai and pune(that was hitherto facing a 40% water-cut due to a deficient rainfall), raising waterlevels in reservoirs upto 8ft, uprooting trees, causing water-logged patches all over the city, disrupting air and land traffic, creating landslides, and causing the infamous Mithi river inch towards the danger mark.

Monday, June 01, 2009

overcoming a phobia

go on, embrace me in your dreary arms, you monster
your constant harangue has made me sore
you are but a wicked songster
who i feared so much that i fear no more

a creature born of my timid mind
you cruelly usurped all my sanity
now song for song, i will repay you in kind
and kill you with my new-found alacrity!

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: dreary, embrace, timid

Sunday, May 10, 2009


malign me so with your words, you wordsmith
your flashes of brilliance only inspire me
to weave your words into a cryptic pith
and present them back to you with glee!

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: cryptic, flash, malign

the sun and the wind

he brushes the cobweb clouds away,
and spreads joy with his every ray
he knocks the obese bees awake,
she gives the dew-kissed leaves a shake
she coaxes baby buds to bloom,
he paints rainbows in every room

their dusty hands and parental pride,
oh! why don't we see their gentle side

Saturday, April 25, 2009

follow me

whence i ask, thence you follow
i set the pace in this alaskan race
i set the pace in this alaskan race
so, whence i ask, thence you follow

* this is the naisaku form of poetry - too little rules, too much fun!
* whence/thence to mean wherefrom/therefrom
* sunday scribblings prompt: follow


Legally protected by the Treaty of Madrid
is this sparkling wine with a corky lid
This sparkling wine with a corky lid
is legally protected by the Treaty of Madrid

* this is the naisaku form of poetry - too little rules, too much fun!
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* The Naisaiku Challenge Week Ten
* Weekend Wordsmith prompt 97: champagne

Thursday, April 23, 2009

oh! look who visited...

the coconut tree leaning into GL's balcony plays host to a variety of colourful guests - bees, lizards, crows, sparrows, moth-sized house-flies... you'll never be disappointed if you stand very still beside it... someone or the other will always show up. look, who GL found today... a rather small squirrel with a mouthful of fiber it plucked from the coconut tree.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the Sirens

such was the lure of their deceitful singing
it filled the rigid mariners' hearts with longing
until, overcome, they changed their ship's course
and crashed on the rocky island, without a remorse

and then came a-sailing orpheus, the clever argonaut
an oath to save his fellow sailors, from him was sought
he indulged them such with his lyre and his song
that they ignored the sirens and merrily sailed along.

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: deceit, indulge, oath

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ballot days are here

braving mid-summer's burning heat,
and trying to ignore my aching feet

i crossed the river in a boat,
and stood my ground to cast my vote,

the candidate of my careful choice,
to every problem he would rise

everything would be alright again.
but he joined a different team of men.

who captured poll booths and won the election,
and introduced a system of reckless reservation

such was their appeasement, and lack of consideration
that my children were denied their right to good education.


freed from the human body, he looks down from his perch
and backtracks the vivid phases between death to his birth
the greed, inhumanity, gluttony and drunken mirth
determinedly, he resists the allure of life on earth

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: Allure, Perch, Vivid

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I kissed so many frogs in passing
so I could find my prince charming.

Princes don't live in frogs these days,
this reality I accepted with grace.

After the reality I accepted with grace,
that princes didn't live in frogs these days.
Alas! to find my prince charming,
I'd kissed so many frogs in passing.

* herpetologist: a scientist who studies reptiles(snakes and lizards) and amphibians(frogs and toads)
* this is the naisaku form of poetry - too little rules, too much fun!
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* The Naisaiku Challenge Week Nine

Monday, April 13, 2009

never mind the written word

"so, did you read the contract?". "what's there to read?"
"oh you must read it once, i absolutely plead,
the terms and the conditions, the bold and the fine print"
he raised an aging brow, in the manner of a hint.

the aging lawyer was worth his salt, the mercenary no less
'there's a twist in the contract, the young fella won't even guess'
pondered the old lawyer, wondering if he should help
not knowing that the mercenary's target was his own self.

* Weekend Wordsmith prompt94: contract

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

the greeks and the trojans

The trojan horse was a stunning ploy
in a bid to reclaim Helen of Troy.
In a bid to reclaim Helen of Troy,
the trojan horse was a stunning ploy.

* this is the naisaku form of poetry - join The Naisaiku Challenge
* Three Word Wednesday prompts: flirt, ploy, stunning

Sunday, April 05, 2009

have faith

There' s a fork in every road, my friend.
Your faith will lead you till the end.
cos your faith will lead you till the end
when there' s a fork in every road, my friend.

* this is the naisaku form of poetry - too little rules, too much fun.
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the "me" mentality

'I' for the identity, 'I' for being selfish
that 'I'-rules-the-world is only a cliche
for 'I'-rules-the-world is only a cliche
let 'I' be for identity, never 'I' for being selfish.

* Totally Optional Prompt: to meditate on a letter, any letter and write about it.

* this is the naisaku form of poetry - too little rules, too much fun.
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a new grad lands a job

At the first job-interview, the results were late,
all that nail-biting and the nervous wait
after all that nail-biting and the nervous wait
at the first job-interview, when the results were late.

* this is the naisaku form of poetry - too little rules, too much fun.
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* Sunday Scribblings prompt 157: celebrate

Saturday, April 04, 2009

patched-up heart

The glued-up pieces of my broken heart,
I put 'em together part by part.
I put 'em together part by part,
these glued-up pieces of my broken heart.

* this is the naisaku form of poetry - too little rules, too much fun.
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Thursday, April 02, 2009

two lonely people

You produce a solitaire, you go down on a knee,
it's an impending nightmare, don't you see
But it's an impending nightmare, don't you see,
when you produce a solitaire and go down on a knee?

* this is the naisaku form of poetry - too little rules, too much fun.
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* Totally Optional Prompt: solitaire

making a clay-pot

clay and water and a good strong stir
rat-a-tat rat-a-tat whirrr whirrr whirrr
rat-a-tat rat-a-tat whirrr whirrr whirrr
clay and water and a good strong stir

* this is the naisaku form of poetry - too little rules, too much fun.
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lucky foxes

When the sun shines through and raindrops fall,
foxes get wedded, stands this story tall.
Foxes get wedded, stands this story tall,
when the sun shines through and raindrops fall.

* this is the naisaku form of poetry - too little rules, too much fun.
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you belong to the sky, to earth belong i

How can i tell from afar
that you are the brightest star?
That you are the brightest star,
how can i tell from afar?

* this is the naisaku form of poetry - too little rules, too much fun.
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surviving in no man's land

the listening is more important than the talking
if you don't listen up, you'd be the dead man walking
there are brutal rules in the no-man's land
and if you don't listen up, you'd be the dead man walking
the listening is more important than the talking

* hopelessly addicted to the naisaiku :)

* this is the naisaku form of poetry - too little rules, too much fun.
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tiger tracking

if the crushed green grass bounces back to life
beware, the pugmark is very recent!
beware, the pugmark is very recent
if the crushed green grass bounces back to life

* jim corbett tells us this part, that if you watch green grass around a pugmark bounce back to life, then you know a tiger passed this way very recently, in his book 'man eaters of kumaon'. pulled this one out of memory, i could be wrong.

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: crush, knack, varied.

* this is the naisaku form of poetry - too little rules, too much fun.
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

funny but it's actually true

the left side equals the right side brain
when both, poetry and love cause too much pain.
funny, but it's factually true
that when both, poetry and love cause too much pain
the left side equals the right side brain

* the left-side brain: rational, logical, musical, organised... made for poetry
the right-side brain: impulsive, random, unpredictable... the culprit behind love.

* this is a naisaku form of seriously-fun poetry with no bound rules. only it has a central dividing line that can/has be read twice, once for the top half of the poem and then for the bottom half of the poem.... seamlessly. the central line also doubles as the title of the poem :) ain't that fun!
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* One Single Impression prompt56: equals.

the music teacher

she had him all jumbled up, in the head that is. as he stretched out on his bed, the thoughts about the pretty girl made him smile. she was the prettiest girl in a class of 50 boys and girls, who came to learn music from him. this particular girl always came a few minutes early, always chose a quiet corner, talked little, listened well and practised hard. oh! how he totally aproved of her. when he did his rounds, he was always mesmerised by her delicate and dainty fingers,those nicely painted nails, the whiff of the heady perfume she wore, the truant lock of hair held back by a small hairpin, her lovely smile, those lovely cheeks...

gosh! he could almost visualise the whole of her - sitting in his class with her guitar and practising the lessons without a care in the world. he could visualise her exquisite fingers and painted nails flying on the strings in a wild jerky motion only she was capable of. he laughed out loud at this thought. he'd never understand how someone could be so crude and so out of rhythm. her music caused much pain to his trained and tuned ears, and it was beyond him to set her right. he would have to ask her to leave, he sighed. after all, he had a reputation to protect.

* Weekend Wordsmith prompt93: jumbled

Monday, March 30, 2009

text messages

"sweetie-pie, apple of my eye
you didn't call up and i wonder why"

"forgot to call when i stepped out for a smoke
please don't mind and forgive this bloke"

"smoking-pie, you gonna die
smoke kills, and that's why"

* One Single Impression prompt 57: smoke

Sunday, March 29, 2009

the lord's prayer... complete and interesting

from the internet: Samme Hutsell Warren, had in her possession the following poem on the Lord’s Prayer when she died September 5, 1982 at 94 years of age. It is a copy from the original hand-copied sheet from the “The Toledo Blade”, about 1904. Charleston, SC, 1863. Found on a Battlefield in South Carolina during the Civil War. It bears the date, July 4, 1863.

Thou, to the mercy-seat our souls doth gather,
To do our duty unto Thee OUR FATHER
To Whom all praise, all honor, should be given,
For thou art the great God WHO ART IN HEAVEN.
Thou, by thy wisdom, rul’st the world’s whole frame
Forever, therefore, HALLOWED BE THY NAME;
Let never more delays divide us from
Thy glorious grace, but let THY KINGDOM COME;
Let thy command opposed be my none,
But thy good pleasure and THY WILL BE DONE
And let our promptness to obey be even.
Then for our souls, O Lord, we also pray
Thou would’st be pleased to GIVE US THIS DAY
The food of life, wherewith our souls are fed,
Sufficient raiment, and OUR DAILY BREAD;
With every needful thing do thou relieve us.
And to thy mercy, pity AND FORGIVE US
All our misdeeds, for him, whom thou did’st please
To make an offering for OUR TRESPASSES.
And, for as much, O Lord, as we believe
That thou wilt pardon us AS WE FORGIVE.
Let that love teach, wherewith thou dost acquaint us,
And though, sometimes, thou find’s we have forgot
This love to THEE, yet help AND LEAD US NOT
Through soul or body’s want to desperation
Nor let earth’s gain drive us UNTO TEMPTATION.
Let not the soul of any true believer
Fall in the time of trail BUT DELIVER
Yea, save them from the malice of the devil,
And both in life and death, keep US FROM EVIL;
Thus pray we, Lord, for that of thee, from whom
This world is of thy work it's wondrous story,
to thee belong THE POWER AND THE GLORY
And all thy wondrous works have ended never,
Thus, we poor creatures would confess again.
And thus would say eternally AMEN.

the walk in the dark

she looked at her kids again... the twins were fast asleep, tears drying on each cheek. the dog lay at the foot of the kids' bed, it's forehead wrinkled in a worry. the kids and the dog always seemed to sense her state of mind, and cried on her behalf. things were not always this bad, she remembered. the dreaded disease and it's diagnosis had brought with it this misery. and they all suffered, silently and helplessly. she had lived through the denial at first, and then the depression, and the shock at the rapid changes, to bewilderment at the violence it brought along, and now a heightened need to protect her three children - the twins and the dog. if one death was the passport to their collective happiness, she would go the extra mile... she would outrace the disease for them.

she looked at their sleeping forms one last time. life would be good again, she vowed, as she retrieved the cleaver from it's hiding place and closed the door softly behind her. and walked nervelessy across the dark hallway. she was only being a mother, she told herself, as she stood with the cleaver over her ailing husband's body.

* Weekend Wordsmith prompt92: passport

Sunday, March 22, 2009

an elephant gets a bath

The elephant getting pampered in these pictures, belongs to the temple at Dharmasthala. It was fun to watch the caretakers talk to the elephant in Tulu and the elephant responding to their gentle talk.

Now did you know that you could contract anthrax by touching an elephant. The anthrax germ, bacillus anthracis, is commonly found on the skin(due to the mud-baths these gentle giants indulge in) and in the intestines(contaminated food) of elephants and causing their deaths.

kukke and dharmasthala

Thursday, March 12, 2009

the house, the woods and the lake

the house was a recluse, with a mood-swing of it's own. it kept itself squeaky clean, come rain or storm... and not even the swingy spider could gain entry into the house, to build one of its own. insect-y crevices, hiding corners, dusty attic - the house would have none of it. it was as immaculate as it's builder had imagined it'd be - the builder who rested at the bottom of the pristine lake in the neighbourhood ever since.

off late, it was it's temper that was being tested time and again. a handful of hikers passing through the woods came to look at the house... they took pictures and fortunately for them, they did not stay around long. but the word had spread and people came in droves for a look and a buy. nobody liked it - not the house, nor the woods, nor the pristine lake in the neighbourhood - this breach of their privacy.

when all attempts to cajole people back to where they came from failed, the house sent them all to the bottom of the pristine lake in the neighbourhood.

* Three Word Wednesday prompt: cajole, recluse, temper

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


adam stretched out and cast a lazy look at the leaf-n-twig medals and crowns stacked knee-high beside him, while eve dozed under the apple tree. the snake and his intentions rested too. the day was warm. adam had won all the competitions all over again, this moon... notwithstanding the fact that he had cheated like no other man could cheat...he was, after all, the street-smartest man in the whole world

* Weekend Wordsmith prompt90: medal

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

workplace chat

on messenger

colleague: my english is very poor da...your english is very good da
GL: heheehee. that's true.
colleague: help me da. teach me english. i fell very bad ...many guys told me that my communication is very poor. I want to learn very good communication. i was thinking to tell you long back.
GL: ummmm. but i wouldn't know how to teach!
colleague: ayioo... i trust on you... if you will not teach than no body teach me. i think you are the best for this role
GL: you know what. this morning, one of my friends asked me to teach her hindi. let me introduce you to her and then you can teach her hindi and in return, she will teach you english :)
colleague: no no. i want to learn from you da ...i don't think it will take a long time
GL: lols. i think it will take a very long time. atleast 6 months.
colleague: ok if teacher telling this than i have to consider it. really if you help for this i will remember you forever.
GL: ok
colleague: ohhh gr8 da...thanks for motivation

Friday, March 06, 2009

the wise king

... and one by one, the children stepped forward to present their domestic difficulties to their wise king, who sat on a mound of sand and ocassionally tended to his runny nose - the king's mum had forgotten to pin a handkerchief to his tee. a wise minister stood by the king's side, ocassionally tugging at his slipping jeans.

minister(calling out): next one, please.

the little girl stepped forward, and began her ramble. her troubles had begun after playtime last evening, when there was no electricity at her house and she had to eat dinner by the candle. and then there was no tv to watch. and when she had tried to sleep, a monstrous mosquito had sneaked up upon her and bitten her on her hand. the bite had then turned into a pink blob and hurt so much, she cried, and tried her best to look real sad. the other children looked very concerned. here was a genuine problem on their hands, and they all looked at their king to say his say and avenge the wrong. the boy who was to play the wise king next, looked around restlessly.

wise king(wiping his nose with the back of his hand): soldiers!
two happy soldiers step forward smartly. 'yes, my lord?' they said in unison.

wise king(assuming the importance of delivering a verdict): go find the mosquito. and give him five lashes on his back.
'yes my lord' they say in practised unison, and set off in the general direction of the park's gates.

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: avenge, genuine, ramble.

Monday, February 23, 2009

just another day...

GL glares at her five timid tormentors all standing before her, hanging their heads in pretentious shame, not wanting to risk their survival. They'd gently try to reason their presence and beg GL to let them stay.

The first to have GL's attention is Backache. He's a veteran. She checks her journal entry against his name.

GL(spewing venom): And just how long are you planning to overstay, Mr.Backache?
Backache(sounding very sad): You are taking yoga classes to make sure you don't ever see me again, GL. You don't have to hate me so much.
GL(indifferently): oh. ok.

Turns her attention to her next timid tormentor.
GL: And you, Miss Candidiasis? Weren't you supposed to be gone after the last trip to the doctor?
Headache(interrupts): miss candid what?
GL(irritated): Candid-dia-sis. That's her name.
Headache listens carefully and makes a note. He's the youngest of the five and is very interested in the others. He's the intelligent one - always asking questions and making mental notes and looking up on the internet for more.

GL talks to all of them, and expresses her displeasure and disgust and frustration with them. PainfulWrists loves GL and can't bear to see her in pain.

PainfulWrists(on an impulse): GL, I will go away this weekend, I promise.
GL's taken by surprise.
PainfulWrists: Promise me that you will not use your keyboard for 2 days straight each week.
GL(thoughtfully): I promise.

Backache(ruefully): I will go away in a few days too, GL.
Headache: Me too. You are fun, GL, but I am short-lived. So long.
Candidiasis: Me too. I only wanted to see you one last time. Bye, GL.
Obesity: I will stay for a while, GL. I can't go away the way these guys do. But I will go in a few months, I promise.
GL nods and thanks them all.

"We love you, GL" they all chorus rather sadly.

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: candid, impulse, risk

Sunday, February 15, 2009


GL looked at the two white-heads again, who were pleading for their lives. The two had just fallen in love when this misfortune befell them. But GL felt nothing. She did not feel sorry for them. It was not her fault that they were getting culled.

All she ever wanted to do right now was to kill everybody around. Only then she would find peace. Bloodshed was her calling. She chose a knife from her array of Cartini's. A soft-edged, almost like a butter-knife, would be good enough. They had hard skulls, these folks, but a sharper stronger knife wouldn't do much good. The white boy was to go first. The white girl turned away and flung herself to the ground in despair.

Tap tap tap taptappp tap. His skull was broken. The inconsolable white girl's fate followed his. GL's butchery united them in their deaths. The knife was washed clean. GL then picked the bigger, serrated knife. It had a comfortable grip and it's weight in her hand felt good. The glint on the knife made GL smile. This was one knife GL was proud of. It was the best among knives, the way GL was the best among her kind.

It was the brownboy's turn now. He was stoic. He didn't seem afraid and held his head high. He had watched the white-heads go. He looked squarely into GL's eye as she neared him. GL was quick with him.

The saucepan was greased and ready and within minutes, GL was rewarded with four slices of French toast - warm, welcoming and with an appetising aroma.

two white heads: two eggs
brownboy: bread

* Weekend Wordsmith prompt 87: reward

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


on the way back to bangalore from yercaud, there were these eye-catching palms... some in clusters... some in pairs... and some standing alone.

Monday, January 26, 2009


yercaud in tamil nadu, 230+ kms from bangalore, is a popular hill station with the locals. in most places around yercaud, it's pretty hot and dry. hence, the hill station comes as a huge relief. the winding road has signboards counting the number of hairpin bends... like a true-blue hill, it was chill in the evenings and hot in the noontime. a nice lake dominates the city-centre.

apart from the lake, there are a few caves, botanical parks, two waterfalls, the killiyur falls being the prominent one. it's a neat little waterfall, with a very slippery and dangerous descent to reach it. the pagoda point is another place worth visiting. a few kms away from the town, amidst coffee and pepper plantation, gaurs are a regular. and plenty of stories of gaur-attacks doing the rounds.. sadly, none were sighted after hours of driving around the plantations. thats the lovely hill station for you. not much but definitely worth a dekko.


ranganthittu, the bird sanctuary in mandya, can be a big disappointment if you land there in the wrong season... GL's got an innate ability to make the right places at the wrong times .... crocs and the bats are the omnipresent beings here. pond and night herons too, and white and black-headed ibis hung around to make the trip a memorable one for GL.

when the season's right, this place is supposedly over-crowded with the bird-folk. so long.

kokkre bellur

kokkre-belluru is a small village and one of the many gems that dot the bangalore-mysore highway. after Chennapatna of the wooden-toys fame, and before Madduru of the maddur-vada fame, there is a prominent green board pointing you to this place. so instead of getting annoyed at the 13+kms of bad road, prepare yourself for a visual feast... best availed of early mornings.

the paddy fields on the right play host to hundreds of black-headed ibis and cattle-egrets. the fields are dotted with bird-folk for as far as an eye can see. and then, there are brown sparrow-like birds(wish i knew what they're called)
...and red and yellow and blue and black dragon flies... and beautiful kingfishers. and the air is filled with bird-tweet... on the left is an elevated bund
(man-made lake/water reservoir) with weed and lotus and some more birds.

and onwards you go till you arrive at the village square. and don't you ask 'where are the pelicans?'... you will only get the 'look-up-you-dumbhead!' kinda ugly look from all and sundry. for on the tree-tops all around the square, and everywhere else in the village, there are huge pelicans making weird noises and flapping their endless bony wings and sitting in their huge nests. the bellur village takes its first name from these big birds - kokkere in kannada is a 'stork'. painted storks are considered a good omen here and they arrive after the pelicans. The ibis is a particularly good-looking bird, with shimmering feathers, if you manage to get a closer look.

it's worthwhile to go into the village too... for the big birds perch on rooftops and on trees all over the village... on the other end, there's a bridge over a river.. from here, you get to watch sand being mined from the bottom of the river and shipped away in trucks.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

makara sankranti - the fun festival

... of sesame seeds, loads of jaggery, sugarcane, decking-up the cows like it's their birthday, temple-trips, pongal - sweet and otherwise, colourful rangoli spilling out onto the roads..

street music-n-dance..

and the lord's chariot... taking a trip around the town.