Monday, January 26, 2009


yercaud in tamil nadu, 230+ kms from bangalore, is a popular hill station with the locals. in most places around yercaud, it's pretty hot and dry. hence, the hill station comes as a huge relief. the winding road has signboards counting the number of hairpin bends... like a true-blue hill, it was chill in the evenings and hot in the noontime. a nice lake dominates the city-centre.

apart from the lake, there are a few caves, botanical parks, two waterfalls, the killiyur falls being the prominent one. it's a neat little waterfall, with a very slippery and dangerous descent to reach it. the pagoda point is another place worth visiting. a few kms away from the town, amidst coffee and pepper plantation, gaurs are a regular. and plenty of stories of gaur-attacks doing the rounds.. sadly, none were sighted after hours of driving around the plantations. thats the lovely hill station for you. not much but definitely worth a dekko.

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