Monday, February 23, 2009

just another day...

GL glares at her five timid tormentors all standing before her, hanging their heads in pretentious shame, not wanting to risk their survival. They'd gently try to reason their presence and beg GL to let them stay.

The first to have GL's attention is Backache. He's a veteran. She checks her journal entry against his name.

GL(spewing venom): And just how long are you planning to overstay, Mr.Backache?
Backache(sounding very sad): You are taking yoga classes to make sure you don't ever see me again, GL. You don't have to hate me so much.
GL(indifferently): oh. ok.

Turns her attention to her next timid tormentor.
GL: And you, Miss Candidiasis? Weren't you supposed to be gone after the last trip to the doctor?
Headache(interrupts): miss candid what?
GL(irritated): Candid-dia-sis. That's her name.
Headache listens carefully and makes a note. He's the youngest of the five and is very interested in the others. He's the intelligent one - always asking questions and making mental notes and looking up on the internet for more.

GL talks to all of them, and expresses her displeasure and disgust and frustration with them. PainfulWrists loves GL and can't bear to see her in pain.

PainfulWrists(on an impulse): GL, I will go away this weekend, I promise.
GL's taken by surprise.
PainfulWrists: Promise me that you will not use your keyboard for 2 days straight each week.
GL(thoughtfully): I promise.

Backache(ruefully): I will go away in a few days too, GL.
Headache: Me too. You are fun, GL, but I am short-lived. So long.
Candidiasis: Me too. I only wanted to see you one last time. Bye, GL.
Obesity: I will stay for a while, GL. I can't go away the way these guys do. But I will go in a few months, I promise.
GL nods and thanks them all.

"We love you, GL" they all chorus rather sadly.

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: candid, impulse, risk


ThomG said...

An interesting read.

Heather said...

Sounds like just another day at my house, too. lol Very creative!

LadyGarfield said...

Thanks Thom.

Heather, glad I have you to commiserate! Thankyou lady.