Tuesday, March 31, 2009

funny but it's actually true

the left side equals the right side brain
when both, poetry and love cause too much pain.
funny, but it's factually true
that when both, poetry and love cause too much pain
the left side equals the right side brain

* the left-side brain: rational, logical, musical, organised... made for poetry
the right-side brain: impulsive, random, unpredictable... the culprit behind love.

* this is a naisaku form of seriously-fun poetry with no bound rules. only it has a central dividing line that can/has be read twice, once for the top half of the poem and then for the bottom half of the poem.... seamlessly. the central line also doubles as the title of the poem :) ain't that fun!
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* One Single Impression prompt56: equals.

the music teacher

she had him all jumbled up, in the head that is. as he stretched out on his bed, the thoughts about the pretty girl made him smile. she was the prettiest girl in a class of 50 boys and girls, who came to learn music from him. this particular girl always came a few minutes early, always chose a quiet corner, talked little, listened well and practised hard. oh! how he totally aproved of her. when he did his rounds, he was always mesmerised by her delicate and dainty fingers,those nicely painted nails, the whiff of the heady perfume she wore, the truant lock of hair held back by a small hairpin, her lovely smile, those lovely cheeks...

gosh! he could almost visualise the whole of her - sitting in his class with her guitar and practising the lessons without a care in the world. he could visualise her exquisite fingers and painted nails flying on the strings in a wild jerky motion only she was capable of. he laughed out loud at this thought. he'd never understand how someone could be so crude and so out of rhythm. her music caused much pain to his trained and tuned ears, and it was beyond him to set her right. he would have to ask her to leave, he sighed. after all, he had a reputation to protect.

* Weekend Wordsmith prompt93: jumbled

Monday, March 30, 2009

text messages

"sweetie-pie, apple of my eye
you didn't call up and i wonder why"

"forgot to call when i stepped out for a smoke
please don't mind and forgive this bloke"

"smoking-pie, you gonna die
smoke kills, and that's why"

* One Single Impression prompt 57: smoke

Sunday, March 29, 2009

the lord's prayer... complete and interesting

from the internet: Samme Hutsell Warren, had in her possession the following poem on the Lord’s Prayer when she died September 5, 1982 at 94 years of age. It is a copy from the original hand-copied sheet from the “The Toledo Blade”, about 1904. Charleston, SC, 1863. Found on a Battlefield in South Carolina during the Civil War. It bears the date, July 4, 1863.

Thou, to the mercy-seat our souls doth gather,
To do our duty unto Thee OUR FATHER
To Whom all praise, all honor, should be given,
For thou art the great God WHO ART IN HEAVEN.
Thou, by thy wisdom, rul’st the world’s whole frame
Forever, therefore, HALLOWED BE THY NAME;
Let never more delays divide us from
Thy glorious grace, but let THY KINGDOM COME;
Let thy command opposed be my none,
But thy good pleasure and THY WILL BE DONE
And let our promptness to obey be even.
Then for our souls, O Lord, we also pray
Thou would’st be pleased to GIVE US THIS DAY
The food of life, wherewith our souls are fed,
Sufficient raiment, and OUR DAILY BREAD;
With every needful thing do thou relieve us.
And to thy mercy, pity AND FORGIVE US
All our misdeeds, for him, whom thou did’st please
To make an offering for OUR TRESPASSES.
And, for as much, O Lord, as we believe
That thou wilt pardon us AS WE FORGIVE.
Let that love teach, wherewith thou dost acquaint us,
And though, sometimes, thou find’s we have forgot
This love to THEE, yet help AND LEAD US NOT
Through soul or body’s want to desperation
Nor let earth’s gain drive us UNTO TEMPTATION.
Let not the soul of any true believer
Fall in the time of trail BUT DELIVER
Yea, save them from the malice of the devil,
And both in life and death, keep US FROM EVIL;
Thus pray we, Lord, for that of thee, from whom
This world is of thy work it's wondrous story,
to thee belong THE POWER AND THE GLORY
And all thy wondrous works have ended never,
Thus, we poor creatures would confess again.
And thus would say eternally AMEN.

the walk in the dark

she looked at her kids again... the twins were fast asleep, tears drying on each cheek. the dog lay at the foot of the kids' bed, it's forehead wrinkled in a worry. the kids and the dog always seemed to sense her state of mind, and cried on her behalf. things were not always this bad, she remembered. the dreaded disease and it's diagnosis had brought with it this misery. and they all suffered, silently and helplessly. she had lived through the denial at first, and then the depression, and the shock at the rapid changes, to bewilderment at the violence it brought along, and now a heightened need to protect her three children - the twins and the dog. if one death was the passport to their collective happiness, she would go the extra mile... she would outrace the disease for them.

she looked at their sleeping forms one last time. life would be good again, she vowed, as she retrieved the cleaver from it's hiding place and closed the door softly behind her. and walked nervelessy across the dark hallway. she was only being a mother, she told herself, as she stood with the cleaver over her ailing husband's body.

* Weekend Wordsmith prompt92: passport

Sunday, March 22, 2009

an elephant gets a bath

The elephant getting pampered in these pictures, belongs to the temple at Dharmasthala. It was fun to watch the caretakers talk to the elephant in Tulu and the elephant responding to their gentle talk.

Now did you know that you could contract anthrax by touching an elephant. The anthrax germ, bacillus anthracis, is commonly found on the skin(due to the mud-baths these gentle giants indulge in) and in the intestines(contaminated food) of elephants and causing their deaths.

kukke and dharmasthala

Thursday, March 12, 2009

the house, the woods and the lake

the house was a recluse, with a mood-swing of it's own. it kept itself squeaky clean, come rain or storm... and not even the swingy spider could gain entry into the house, to build one of its own. insect-y crevices, hiding corners, dusty attic - the house would have none of it. it was as immaculate as it's builder had imagined it'd be - the builder who rested at the bottom of the pristine lake in the neighbourhood ever since.

off late, it was it's temper that was being tested time and again. a handful of hikers passing through the woods came to look at the house... they took pictures and fortunately for them, they did not stay around long. but the word had spread and people came in droves for a look and a buy. nobody liked it - not the house, nor the woods, nor the pristine lake in the neighbourhood - this breach of their privacy.

when all attempts to cajole people back to where they came from failed, the house sent them all to the bottom of the pristine lake in the neighbourhood.

* Three Word Wednesday prompt: cajole, recluse, temper

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


adam stretched out and cast a lazy look at the leaf-n-twig medals and crowns stacked knee-high beside him, while eve dozed under the apple tree. the snake and his intentions rested too. the day was warm. adam had won all the competitions all over again, this moon... notwithstanding the fact that he had cheated like no other man could cheat...he was, after all, the street-smartest man in the whole world

* Weekend Wordsmith prompt90: medal

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

workplace chat

on messenger

colleague: my english is very poor da...your english is very good da
GL: heheehee. that's true.
colleague: help me da. teach me english. i fell very bad ...many guys told me that my communication is very poor. I want to learn very good communication. i was thinking to tell you long back.
GL: ummmm. but i wouldn't know how to teach!
colleague: ayioo... i trust on you... if you will not teach than no body teach me. i think you are the best for this role
GL: you know what. this morning, one of my friends asked me to teach her hindi. let me introduce you to her and then you can teach her hindi and in return, she will teach you english :)
colleague: no no. i want to learn from you da ...i don't think it will take a long time
GL: lols. i think it will take a very long time. atleast 6 months.
colleague: ok if teacher telling this than i have to consider it. really if you help for this i will remember you forever.
GL: ok
colleague: ohhh gr8 da...thanks for motivation

Friday, March 06, 2009

the wise king

... and one by one, the children stepped forward to present their domestic difficulties to their wise king, who sat on a mound of sand and ocassionally tended to his runny nose - the king's mum had forgotten to pin a handkerchief to his tee. a wise minister stood by the king's side, ocassionally tugging at his slipping jeans.

minister(calling out): next one, please.

the little girl stepped forward, and began her ramble. her troubles had begun after playtime last evening, when there was no electricity at her house and she had to eat dinner by the candle. and then there was no tv to watch. and when she had tried to sleep, a monstrous mosquito had sneaked up upon her and bitten her on her hand. the bite had then turned into a pink blob and hurt so much, she cried, and tried her best to look real sad. the other children looked very concerned. here was a genuine problem on their hands, and they all looked at their king to say his say and avenge the wrong. the boy who was to play the wise king next, looked around restlessly.

wise king(wiping his nose with the back of his hand): soldiers!
two happy soldiers step forward smartly. 'yes, my lord?' they said in unison.

wise king(assuming the importance of delivering a verdict): go find the mosquito. and give him five lashes on his back.
'yes my lord' they say in practised unison, and set off in the general direction of the park's gates.

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: avenge, genuine, ramble.