Tuesday, March 31, 2009

funny but it's actually true

the left side equals the right side brain
when both, poetry and love cause too much pain.
funny, but it's factually true
that when both, poetry and love cause too much pain
the left side equals the right side brain

* the left-side brain: rational, logical, musical, organised... made for poetry
the right-side brain: impulsive, random, unpredictable... the culprit behind love.

* this is a naisaku form of seriously-fun poetry with no bound rules. only it has a central dividing line that can/has be read twice, once for the top half of the poem and then for the bottom half of the poem.... seamlessly. the central line also doubles as the title of the poem :) ain't that fun!
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* One Single Impression prompt56: equals.


Wendy Naisa said...

Hiya, thanks for taking the NaisaiKu Challenge this week - this reads so well and really is in the spirit of what we're trying to do here, thank you so much for posting this - FUNNY BUT IT'S FACTUALLY TRUE - makes a great title and sums up and holds together the whole thought. Wow!

SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

Hi LadyGarfield, This is a fun way to get an education, Love this! I just hope all your parrots don't recite your poetry back to you!!

Amias said...

Now this is quite interesting. Thanks!

gautami tripathy said...

What a flow!

If Only Pigs Could Fly

LadyGarfield said...

Thankyou so much!
Wendy, i am so glad you liked it. i was worried you'd ban me from naisaiku forever:)

SweetTalkingGuy, thankyou for all the encouragement! the parrots are too busy with their parrot-y things, to notice. thanks for the warning anyway.

Amias, thankyou so much. i am honoured by your visit.

gautami, glad to have you over. i am no stranger to your blog. thankyou for visiting!

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Nice twist.


LadyGarfield said...

Thanks Linda, glad to have you over.