Friday, March 06, 2009

the wise king

... and one by one, the children stepped forward to present their domestic difficulties to their wise king, who sat on a mound of sand and ocassionally tended to his runny nose - the king's mum had forgotten to pin a handkerchief to his tee. a wise minister stood by the king's side, ocassionally tugging at his slipping jeans.

minister(calling out): next one, please.

the little girl stepped forward, and began her ramble. her troubles had begun after playtime last evening, when there was no electricity at her house and she had to eat dinner by the candle. and then there was no tv to watch. and when she had tried to sleep, a monstrous mosquito had sneaked up upon her and bitten her on her hand. the bite had then turned into a pink blob and hurt so much, she cried, and tried her best to look real sad. the other children looked very concerned. here was a genuine problem on their hands, and they all looked at their king to say his say and avenge the wrong. the boy who was to play the wise king next, looked around restlessly.

wise king(wiping his nose with the back of his hand): soldiers!
two happy soldiers step forward smartly. 'yes, my lord?' they said in unison.

wise king(assuming the importance of delivering a verdict): go find the mosquito. and give him five lashes on his back.
'yes my lord' they say in practised unison, and set off in the general direction of the park's gates.

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: avenge, genuine, ramble.


Anonymous said...

hee. aww. that was very nice. :)

ThomG said...

Interesting post. Something of a parable. It really works well.

Sepiru Chris said...

Lady Garfield,

Interesting delivery, interesting presentation.

I like it. I always find my eye and mind stops at variant capitalizations and spellings and grammatical rules. It disrupts the flow while I consider why it was there and what effect and affect it has.

Not many variants get the nod.

This does.

Your usages fit the mood and the scene and the message.

Interesting technique, corpus, and message.



LadyGarfield said...

@impudence, Thom, thankyou very much for your kind words.

Chris, i'm honoured by your approval. thankyou very much. and welcome to my blog!