Tuesday, March 10, 2009

workplace chat

on messenger

colleague: my english is very poor da...your english is very good da
GL: heheehee. that's true.
colleague: help me da. teach me english. i fell very bad ...many guys told me that my communication is very poor. I want to learn very good communication. i was thinking to tell you long back.
GL: ummmm. but i wouldn't know how to teach!
colleague: ayioo... i trust on you... if you will not teach than no body teach me. i think you are the best for this role
GL: you know what. this morning, one of my friends asked me to teach her hindi. let me introduce you to her and then you can teach her hindi and in return, she will teach you english :)
colleague: no no. i want to learn from you da ...i don't think it will take a long time
GL: lols. i think it will take a very long time. atleast 6 months.
colleague: ok if teacher telling this than i have to consider it. really if you help for this i will remember you forever.
GL: ok
colleague: ohhh gr8 da...thanks for motivation

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