Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the mumbai rains

dark clouds move in, gather thick, lash out transparent rain
settle the summer's dust, turn the city clean and green again.
the temperatures fall, so do people on their knees
they thank the rain god: no more dry taps, power-cuts cease.

but then the city begins to drown, there's havoc and despair
the oft-told gloomy tale of reprieve turning into a nightmare

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: gloom, kneel, transparent
incessant rains have been lashing mumbai and pune(that was hitherto facing a 40% water-cut due to a deficient rainfall), raising waterlevels in reservoirs upto 8ft, uprooting trees, causing water-logged patches all over the city, disrupting air and land traffic, creating landslides, and causing the infamous Mithi river inch towards the danger mark.