Sunday, September 06, 2009

a sad tale

the much revered silent key
wasn't so revered by his family

they grudged him his measly income
and his hobby hours being an OM

to him, they always came first
but unloved, he now mingles with dust.

* An amateur radio operator who has died is referred to by other amateur radio operators as a 'silent key'.
* In the world of ham radio, OM(old man) refers to a Gentleman Radio Amateur, much as YL(young lady) refers to a Lady Radio Amateur.
* WeekendWordsmith prompt 'silent' + SundayScribblings prompt 'key'

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

a father and his gifts

far below the surface of the sea
fathoms away from the sun's harsh glare
the old pearl-diver hides his oysters
ocassionally checking on how they fare

seaweed and barnacles are a real threat
to his big dreams for his little girls
in a few months, if his toils go well
they'll delight in the lustre of wondrous pearls!

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: lustre, glare, threat