Sunday, November 22, 2009


the ducking act:

the night heron:

and you are the sunbird, aren't you?

an eventful weekend

this beautiful and kinda huge dragonfly was found clinging to GL's clothesline this morning and swaying with the breeze.... isn't that an unusual perch for a dragonfly... GL's not complaining though

later the same afternoon, there were a bunch of painted storks hovering in the sky right above GL's house... an accidental look skywards can bring so much joy... it could be the nearby lakes.. or were these birds looking for a long-lost lake that could have now been closed and converted into a bus-stop(like the banshankari bus depot) or apartment complexes(like the ones on sarjapur road) or a mall perhaps...

they made a pretty sight as they flew farther and farther away in circles

and then, these artsy cats GL made on a scrapperfoil...  aren't they cute... with a twinkle in their eyes and all