Thursday, January 28, 2010

'B' is for a 'bee'

'B' is for this colourful bee that clung to a friend's leg after a walk in the woods... and no, the friend wasn't stung or poisoned.

the bee was plump and had pretty vibrant colours and feather-like feelers. it was a delight to watch such a colourful fly, and it stayed for a while before disappearing into the dark.


for ABC Wednesday Round6

Monday, January 25, 2010

haiku some more

butterfly wing-prints
show way to water holes
earth stocks aplenty


a green grasshopper
camouflaged on a leaf
an artist's muse


fresh fallen flowers
decorate the walkway
no stopping seasons


january's a jester
resolutions you can't keep
nature laughs

* for Monday Poetry Train week#64
* Haiku: A Japanese poem composed of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables.

finding peace

... in a haiku

incandescent moon
crickets chirp and the frogs croak
night seldom brings peace

* Haiku Bones prompt6 incandescent + prompt7 peace
* Haiku: A Japanese poem composed of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables. Haiku often reflect on some aspect of nature.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tavarekoppa lion and tiger sanctuary




gajanur dam




tripsheet: day1, leave bangalore around 9:30am after the Sankranti celebrations and the mandatory visit to the temples. 3 oldies, 1 teenager, 1 three-year old and loads of food packed away into a scorpio... many stops enroute... for lunch...for stretching legs...for swinging on banyan vines...for admiring lotus ponds et al.. gajanur dam's the first. sadly, the best part of the dam is off-limits for public...get to check the backside of the dam. go to sakre-bylu and take a boat ride. no elephants in the evening. check-in at a nice place called inchara around 6:30pm. nice place, cordial hosts, lovely food.

day2: the day of the solar eclipse. after a mammoth breakfast, we stay indoors, play carrom, keep the kid entertained and zonk off. late noon, off to check the famed sunset at agumbe. disappointed. visit sharadamba temple at shringeri. the 8pm darshan was good. saw thousands of giant fishes by the was getting quite dark and there were no street lights. back quite late, dinner at 11pm. dead tired for nothing.

day3: early morn visit to sakre bylu, then the safari at tavarekoppa and fishes again at chibbalgadde. chibbalgadde is good fun... and not much crowded... got bitten on the thumb by a huge fish. back to inchara for lunch. watch arecanut harvesting, de-seeding, boiling, drying.

day4: walk across a small hillock beyond the arecanut palms. take pictures. eat a nice lunch and drive back to bangalore. home by 8pm after a real relaxing and surprisingly easy-on-the-purse(including fuel) trip!

tinnu the turtle

Hi all... i am a red-eared slider, a little over 2 years... i went to live with my new human on 16th-Dec 2009... after my previous one, a little girl called Khushi who's dad is a colleague of my current human, could not take care of me anymore.

i got unanimously named "Tinnu"(a local slang for "tiny")

the following picture is of me checking out the backyard of my human. this was on the first weekend with her.

i think she's quite smitten with my pretty colours and endearing charms. she thinks i am the coolest flatmate she ever had...and she's had quite a few - bunnies and finches and parrots. 


my current grudges:
- she feeds me when she is hungry not when i am hungry ;)
- she talks to me too much. sometimes when all i want is some peace time, the human's telling me about her day. i wish she could go away! 

things i love:
- when i am carried to the terrace.. i love the smell of the nearby lake.. and the fresh air... and the sight of birds flying overhead... the human keeps a watch over me so the kites and crows don't eat me up(thankyou, human!)
- children come to see me on weekends... three of them are the human's neighbour. one is a friend's kid. 

the human has promised me a brand new blog, all for myself. so don't go away... do check for this space to find the address of my new blog.

Friday, January 22, 2010

mayflies... again

when the day breaks and warm rays come cascading
thousands of mayflies emerge on glossy wings
they fill the air with gay abandon, lithely consummating,
and gravely offend the other toilsome beings

neither their erstwhile lake-home nor the bright flowers
can allure these ephemeral odonata for long
for they are here to live the one-day of their life,
dancing with their mates to one beautiful song  

* written and not posted for ThreeWordWednesday prompts: lithe,grave,offend

the snakeman

he carefully measured an ideal dose
of the wayward reptile's vicious venom
and injected it into his aging veins
and he swayed to the music of the drums

for he had to prove his people wrong
and banish from their minds the fear and the hatred
he sang to them to protect this species
and they dutifully nodded as they waited

snakes were as important to humankind, he said,
as a worm to the bird, to the forest the moss
and as he teetered towards his death
the snakeman wept over his failed cause

for three word wednesday prompts: ideal, measure, teeter

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

'A' is for an 'adult mayfly'

... to this beautiful and shimmery adult mayfly who didn't mind settling on my shoe for a while as i sat watching by a tiny stream.


quite a reptile...

* for Camera Critters #94

winter woes

there she lay on the forest floor
as dead as timber
as dead as timber
she lay on the forest floor

* the naisaiku form of poetry

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thursday, January 07, 2010

my disagreeable side

when a zillion contradictions build up in my head
and i festinately need to drain them out
(i could sit tight and nibble them back instead
but that gives one crossed brows and a pout)

then i rant and rave and bark and bray,
to any passer-by who'd lend me an ear,
and kvetch and gripe, much to their dismay
i notice that they listen but don't really care

and that builds some more contradictions in my head
and around me, it builds an epical dread

* Three Word Wednesday: drain, epic, nibble

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

temple in the hills

This neat temple sits on a neat rock in the hills. It's not unusual in my country to look up a huge mountain or a hillock of any size, and find a temple right at its crest. Most temples are beautifully painted in bright and vibrant colours. And on narrow winding roads, such as the one in the picture, a temple reminds one to be grateful to the gaurdian angels.

Monday, January 04, 2010

the other santa

the christmas cheer ambushes his cold heart
like the stormy waves that destroy a quay
the hideous tears begin to smart
the mall's new santa quickly brushes them away

and steps out with a resounding ho ho ho!
trampling meddlesome memories of a lifetime ago

* Three Word Wednesday prompts: ambush, hideous, meddle