Saturday, January 23, 2010

gajanur dam




tripsheet: day1, leave bangalore around 9:30am after the Sankranti celebrations and the mandatory visit to the temples. 3 oldies, 1 teenager, 1 three-year old and loads of food packed away into a scorpio... many stops enroute... for lunch...for stretching legs...for swinging on banyan vines...for admiring lotus ponds et al.. gajanur dam's the first. sadly, the best part of the dam is off-limits for public...get to check the backside of the dam. go to sakre-bylu and take a boat ride. no elephants in the evening. check-in at a nice place called inchara around 6:30pm. nice place, cordial hosts, lovely food.

day2: the day of the solar eclipse. after a mammoth breakfast, we stay indoors, play carrom, keep the kid entertained and zonk off. late noon, off to check the famed sunset at agumbe. disappointed. visit sharadamba temple at shringeri. the 8pm darshan was good. saw thousands of giant fishes by the was getting quite dark and there were no street lights. back quite late, dinner at 11pm. dead tired for nothing.

day3: early morn visit to sakre bylu, then the safari at tavarekoppa and fishes again at chibbalgadde. chibbalgadde is good fun... and not much crowded... got bitten on the thumb by a huge fish. back to inchara for lunch. watch arecanut harvesting, de-seeding, boiling, drying.

day4: walk across a small hillock beyond the arecanut palms. take pictures. eat a nice lunch and drive back to bangalore. home by 8pm after a real relaxing and surprisingly easy-on-the-purse(including fuel) trip!


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The Pic with the cycle is nice.

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