Thursday, January 07, 2010

my disagreeable side

when a zillion contradictions build up in my head
and i festinately need to drain them out
(i could sit tight and nibble them back instead
but that gives one crossed brows and a pout)

then i rant and rave and bark and bray,
to any passer-by who'd lend me an ear,
and kvetch and gripe, much to their dismay
i notice that they listen but don't really care

and that builds some more contradictions in my head
and around me, it builds an epical dread

* Three Word Wednesday: drain, epic, nibble


ThomG said...

This is quite good. I like the word choice, the way the 3WW words play within.

pia said...

contradications in ones head do build dread. See the poetry in your writing when I read it outloud! And didn't know East Indians used "kvetch" but I like it

Gerry Boyd said...

Good one. Enjoyed this. Thanks.

Tim Remp said...

Wonderful read even if it builds dread in one's head :0)

Mine is here:

Larry said...

Building dread is exactly what this one did. Looking forward for next weeks entry. I'mposted alsojust follow the link below.

Three Word Wednesday

Dee Martin said...

Boy don't we all have those days!