Saturday, January 23, 2010

tinnu the turtle

Hi all... i am a red-eared slider, a little over 2 years... i went to live with my new human on 16th-Dec 2009... after my previous one, a little girl called Khushi who's dad is a colleague of my current human, could not take care of me anymore.

i got unanimously named "Tinnu"(a local slang for "tiny")

the following picture is of me checking out the backyard of my human. this was on the first weekend with her.

i think she's quite smitten with my pretty colours and endearing charms. she thinks i am the coolest flatmate she ever had...and she's had quite a few - bunnies and finches and parrots. 


my current grudges:
- she feeds me when she is hungry not when i am hungry ;)
- she talks to me too much. sometimes when all i want is some peace time, the human's telling me about her day. i wish she could go away! 

things i love:
- when i am carried to the terrace.. i love the smell of the nearby lake.. and the fresh air... and the sight of birds flying overhead... the human keeps a watch over me so the kites and crows don't eat me up(thankyou, human!)
- children come to see me on weekends... three of them are the human's neighbour. one is a friend's kid. 

the human has promised me a brand new blog, all for myself. so don't go away... do check for this space to find the address of my new blog.

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