Sunday, March 28, 2010

27-mar: belum caves

distance from bangalore: approx. 270 kms.


the last of the bumpy buses dropped us off at the belum caves' gates... from there, you drive/walk about 500mtrs inwards, pay rs.30 as an entry fee and look around for any semblance of a cave. hiring a guide is optional but a very good idea. the cave is an underground one, and the entrance, a sinkhole, has steps leading to it. a little beyond the entrance, is another sinkhole that opens like a sun-roof. beyond this point, begins the 3km long caves, 1.5km of which is open for public viewing, and reaches almost 120feet  below earth. rocks cut and shaped by water, the cave roof is smooth and very well formed. the floor of the caves is laid with tiles for easy walking, and difficult places made accessible by stairways. the entire cave is lit up by sodium lamps, raising the temperature inside to insane levels. and then there are air-vents everywhere pumping fresh air into the cave.

the cave complex is huge/tall in places, then real narrow, and at parts very low, most parts beautifully lit up and there are lot of stalactite and stalagmite formations(the mineral deposits that remain after the water evaporates). there's even a place where water drips from the rocky roof into a small tank. no snakes, no rodents, less than a dozen bats. the guide makes sure you don't miss out on the interesting parts of the cave.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


"left" he bet. "right" said the other. she went straight ahead and, hopped across the small puddle. the boys laughed. "left" he said again. the other chose "right" as usual. she went straight ahead, ducked gracefully under the flower-laden branches and continued walking with the gaiety of a wintery sun. only it was the dead of night. not that there was anything to worry about. the locality was as safe as could be. wasn't that why the two were chilling out while the rest of the folks snored... they had then noticed a nice girl with nice wavy hair walking along and they decided to walk along, only a few steps behind her and without her notice.

there was a car right ahead, bang in the centre of the road. "left" he bet again. "right" said the other. she went straight ahead, through the car!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

look into my eyes...

The iris(coloured part of an eye) of a frog's eye can be brown, green, red, silver, bronze and even gold! gold is what our frog here has.. or dya think it's bronze? The pupil is either round(as seen in the frog above), veritical, horizontal, triangular or star-shaped. so next time you see this mottled, wart-sy, "live jelly" being, instead of going "ewwwww" watch out for its eyes... 

the frog was real tiny and sat very still, waiting for me to go away..


... a.k.a sibbalgadde, is a place near teerthalli in shimoga with no signboards to tell you've arrived... there's a very old ganesha temple built in stone. the temple courtyard has steps at the backside leading you down to the tunga river. here hundreds of fish jostle for the parched/puffed/plain rice offered by the devotees(or in our case, touristy visitors looking for fun).. rice is available at the lone house thats attached to the temple

the fishes are huge... easily 2-4 feet long... you could leave your hand in water long enough for them to brush against you and/or have them nibbling at your fingers and toes... you could spend an entire day just watching the fish here. 

shringeri is another place where you get to do the same.

not of the same feather


madivala lake

madivala lake at 29th main, btm 2nd stage, bangalore...


madiwala lake, a few metres from GL's house, is a beautiful expanse of water and weed. the weed seems to have annoyingly occupied a major part of the lake, but then it houses a lot of chirping insects/frogs and birds. most of this weed is frequently cleared and deposited on the lake-edge into stinky piles.

the other side of the lake is bordered with houses and streetlights that make a beautiful sight in the evenings. late noons, huge flocks of egrets and darters/cormorants rise in unison from the weed-bed and fly overhead in a breathtaking display of wings and cacophony. this is one place in bangalore that's worth hanging out at, yet not a popular crowding place.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

i live in a haunted house

... and this ain't no joke

Living in a haunted house
isn't that spooky at all
i live with a few invisible beings
they occupy the bedroom and the hall

so, i've moved my bed into the kitchen
i wake up to a new decor each day
but i get plenty a helping hand
when i set to clear the disarray

besides, it's whole lot of fun
to have lights put on for you
the doors swing in and out as i pass
the taps - they work by themselves too

i wouldn't deny the flipside though
those weird scribbling on my toe
and that awful hair-tugging while i sleep
to let me know there's a faucet leak

they annoy me by changing channels
while i watch my favourite show
and google for ghostly things, that are..
ermm, you wouldn't want to know!

( to be contd...i hear some noise... got to go...)

Monday, March 01, 2010

workplace woes - part one

this cat and mouse game
you keep me waiting so long
madly frustrating!

* a haiku when installing CRS on a slow cluster :)
a haiku/senyru is a Japanese poem composed of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables.