Wednesday, March 10, 2010


"left" he bet. "right" said the other. she went straight ahead and, hopped across the small puddle. the boys laughed. "left" he said again. the other chose "right" as usual. she went straight ahead, ducked gracefully under the flower-laden branches and continued walking with the gaiety of a wintery sun. only it was the dead of night. not that there was anything to worry about. the locality was as safe as could be. wasn't that why the two were chilling out while the rest of the folks snored... they had then noticed a nice girl with nice wavy hair walking along and they decided to walk along, only a few steps behind her and without her notice.

there was a car right ahead, bang in the centre of the road. "left" he bet again. "right" said the other. she went straight ahead, through the car!

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