Tuesday, March 02, 2010

i live in a haunted house

... and this ain't no joke

Living in a haunted house
isn't that spooky at all
i live with a few invisible beings
they occupy the bedroom and the hall

so, i've moved my bed into the kitchen
i wake up to a new decor each day
but i get plenty a helping hand
when i set to clear the disarray

besides, it's whole lot of fun
to have lights put on for you
the doors swing in and out as i pass
the taps - they work by themselves too

i wouldn't deny the flipside though
those weird scribbling on my toe
and that awful hair-tugging while i sleep
to let me know there's a faucet leak

they annoy me by changing channels
while i watch my favourite show
and google for ghostly things, that are..
ermm, you wouldn't want to know!

( to be contd...i hear some noise... got to go...)