Sunday, March 07, 2010

madivala lake

madivala lake at 29th main, btm 2nd stage, bangalore...


madiwala lake, a few metres from GL's house, is a beautiful expanse of water and weed. the weed seems to have annoyingly occupied a major part of the lake, but then it houses a lot of chirping insects/frogs and birds. most of this weed is frequently cleared and deposited on the lake-edge into stinky piles.

the other side of the lake is bordered with houses and streetlights that make a beautiful sight in the evenings. late noons, huge flocks of egrets and darters/cormorants rise in unison from the weed-bed and fly overhead in a breathtaking display of wings and cacophony. this is one place in bangalore that's worth hanging out at, yet not a popular crowding place.

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anjali gupta said...

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