Sunday, June 13, 2010

sunday evening with a friend's 3-yr old:
A: GL aunty, can you tell me a story so I can sleep?
GL: sure. come here.
A: do you know how to tell a story like mommy does?
GL: let me try. ahem... long ago...
A: nooo. i want a story that begins with 'once upon a time'
GL: alright, once upon a time, there was this boy called ..
A: nooo, i want a fox story

GL ( racking her brains): oh yeah the fox story. the fox in the sheep's clothing and all?
begins with it, and promptly forgets what happens next.
A(clearly bored): ok, i will tell you a story.
the story's about how one animal runs behind the other, which in turn runs behind yet another.. and so on.
A(shaking GL): GL aunty, i am supposed to sleep, not you!

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Asifa said...

No comedy show could make me laugh but this very post of yours did...I am loving your blog...add me to your fan list dear :)