Tuesday, August 10, 2010

dakshin mukha nandeeshwara temple

15th cross, sampige road, malleswaram, bangalore has the following temples clustered together:
- kadu mallikarjun temple
- laxmi narasimha temple,
- gangadevi temple
- dakshin-mukha nandeeshwara temple.

the dmn temple, supposedly 7000 years old, lay buried in layers of soil until it was discovered in 1999. it was found intact and well-below the ground level.. and not needing any repairs... that the temple faces southwards and the nandi is placed above the shivling makes this place unusually interesting.

there's a neatly landscaped courtyard around the temple.... the temple itself has no floor, just the steps of a square stepped well, and is open to the sky in the centre. the well/tank teems with turtles of all sizes, most of them basking on the steps.... you get to sit right next to any of them. ( the courtyard around the temple has a regular well, that houses a few more turtles). 

across the tank, there's a shivling housed in a smaller, double-storeyed, open-on-all-sides sanctorum.. on the top floor is the nandi 'watering' the shivling.. the water is then routed through a pipe to feed the tank. 


the nandi sprouts crystal clear water from it's mouth all round the year... the source of which remains unknown to date.

a terrific place to visit... trees, birds, turtles, loadsa peace...and all things nice...


Anonymous said...

You always find nice places to visit don't you ?

Sandeep said...

Had been there are few years back.. Its a nice place. Sad part is that most of the times our family roam around near malleswaram, but never get any time to visit places like this.