Sunday, September 26, 2010


route: bangalore - maddur -malavalli -bharachukki - gaganchukki -and back.

bharachukki and gaganchukki, the twin waterfalls of shivanasamudra, are the nearest(from bangalore)  and the nicest waterfalls around... at bharachukki, you can go right upto the base of the waterfalls... by first climbing down steep stairs... and then taking a coracle ride that takes you so close that you are drenched in the spray/mist.

click on this picture to see lots of people in the left-side bottom half.

an equally marvellous sight, gaganchukki can only be viewed from afar.. the approach to the waterfall is way too steep..

that's a coracle, a lightweight, basket-like boat made of wicker/bamboo and covered with tar at the bottom for water-proofing. it has a single oar.

Friday, September 24, 2010

tonnur kere - a day trip

 bangalore - mandya - pandavpura - tonnur lake.
a huge, man-made, fresh water lake... a short drive up a small hillock.. lovely surroundings. no crowds. 

on the way, is this beautful temple protected by 'the ancient monuments and archeological sites and remains act'. the temple insides are very pretty.