Sunday, May 06, 2012

visiting tinnu

tinnu, GL's red-eared slider, had to be sent to the nearby national park where there were more of his kind. tinnu's a social animal and it was time he found himself a girl friend and a soul-mate.... so one fine day, GL, her parents, her brother and a few relatives drove him to the park in a brand new car.. and gave him a royal farewell that he truly deserves... though away, the little critter continues to hold our hearts in his tiny clawing paws and his beautiful gold-green eyes...

tinnu, relaxing by GL, on the day he was to fly the nest:

tinnu, 3 weeks later, at his new pad with his buddies ( look for the red arrow mark to see where tinnu is .. right in the middle ):

he looked quite at home and relaxed and basking... though he had hurt his nose a developed a clot around it.

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