Monday, August 20, 2012

rayakottai - a day trip

rayakottai, tipu sultan's lesser known fort and a protected monument with the ASI, is nestled atop a hillock in a quiet little town of the same name... about 70kms from electronic city.

a 30-45 minute hike up the hillock and you come across a Y-section as the trail diverges into two... taking the left one leads you to a deserted and picturesque cave temple...taking the right leads you up and around a huge rock to the ruins of an erstwhile fort... frequented by locals, the entire trail is roughly laid out. the fort has a neat classic entry way.. one you can even climb over.. there are delightful nooks and corners of the fort you get to explore as you walk further and further along the fort wall. 

the bulk of the climbing ends at the cave temple.. then on, the trail to the fort is much easier and fun... and a strong breeze lends an eerie air to the shrubs around.