Sunday, December 30, 2012

a short drive to narayanakere

the last weekend of 2012... the weather, pleasant with clouds and a slight drizzle. drove towards chikkatirupati to visit the ranganatha temple, 2 kms shy of chikkatirupati and on your right... on the way back, GL found a narrow tarred road with a sign-board announcing 'narayankere'... hoping to see a kere(a lake), drove a few kms only to reach a village by that name... one that doesn't have a lake but plenty-a turkeys strutting around, bitter-gourd and ridge-gourd fields and eucalyptus plantations... and a lot of flowering plants around.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

GL's wishlist

.. for the brand new year of two-o-thirteen

1. visit twelve new places.. different places in the same city counts
DONE and even exceeded the number:
1. esplanade, marina bay sands (singapore)
2. jurong bird park and singapore zoo with night safari
3. botanic garden and hawpar villa, singapore
4. boardwalk and malls of singapore
5. buddha tooth relic and chinatown(singapore)
6. gardens by the bay( singapore )
7. resorts world aquarium, universal studios (singapore)
8. boston and USS ship trip and museum(boston)
9. nashua(new england, USA)
10. niagara falls, niagara city USA
11. redwood shores and belmont, california USA
12. bay area, california USA

2. produce twelve amazingly good photographs...

3. read twelve new authors... non-fiction
half done:
1. the man without a face ( the unlikely rise of vladimir putin)
2. no easy day(the first hand account of the mission that killed OSL)
3. still counting the dead ( Survivors of Sri Lanka's Hidden War)
4. chicken soup for the soul
5. 101 amazing adventures
6. complete guide to women's health

4. watch twelve off-beat/documentary movies, or go to twelve plays or art exhibits
1. Laser and water show, Bayfront, Singapore
2. Concerts at Esplanade and Bayfront, Singapore
3. Crane Dance, Resorts Islands Sentosa, Singapore
4. Lake Hollywood spectacular Show of pyrotechnics, Singapore
5. Hollywood Dream Parade and Donkey show, Universal Studios, Singapore
6. Songs of the sea, Resorts Islands Sentosa, Singapore
7. Water World, Sesame street and other street performances, Uni Studio, Singapore
8. Chinese New Year performances at Buddha Tooth Relic, Chinatown, Singapore
9. Street performances at Bay Area, California, USA
10. USS ship presentation and museum slides, Boston, USA
11. aquarium and heritage presentations, Resorts Islands Sentosa, Singapore.
12. 4D movie at BayArea, California, USA

5. catch-up with twelve forgotten friends/relatives and take them out.. follow-up later and keep in touch for the rest of the year

6. make and sell twelve paintings

7. experience twelve new things well matter how small or big
1. Roller Coaster rides(at Universal Studios in Singapore)
2. -2 degree celsius temperature ( at Niagara Falls)
3. jet lag ( during my trip to USA)
4. caltrain, the double decker train at California
5. double-decked flight ( during my trip to USA)
6. LRT at singapore
7. monorail at Frankfurt airport
8. 4D movie at Bay Area, California
9. sea-lions in natural habitat at Bay Area, California
10. exchanging currencies
11. watched a live baseball match, at Redmont, California
12. tram rides in niagara state park

8. drive twelve different vehicles.. being a passenger does not count

9. buy twelve gifts for my parents through the year
1. jan 2nd: bought dad some movie dvds. 
2. bought dad a mobile phone

3. bought mum and dad stuff from USA

10. eat/drink twelve unusual dishes/drinks never eaten/drunk before
1. kaya ( a coconut jam)
2. icecream sandwich
3. donuts and bagels
4. raspberries and blackberries
5. yogurt with fruit
6. french crepes
7. dragonfruit
8. pretzels

11. build twelve good habits that are sustainable for a long time - wake-up early, brush at night, eat  breakfast, read.. et al.

12. take twelve agreeable pictures of myself, one each month

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

late one evening..

... two crows sit chatting on the very top of an old leafless tree.. it's past their bedtime..

she: so it's the end of the world, huh?
he: not our world, sweetheart.. lets just stay up all night and caw...
everbody else in the neighbourhood: someone please shut these crows up!

caw: speak in crow-tongue

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the night watchman

my watchman takes it easy
for he has a loving dog
quite unaware of the fact
that it sleeps like a log