Friday, February 22, 2013

sg diary: p3 -- one more problem

after what seemed like long-ish wait at the right gate, happened the boarding, the seat-locating, stuffing my backpack in the overhead luggage-space and settling down in my window-seat... a malaysian girl sat beside me and an indian girl on the aisle end of the seat. finally an unasked-for eventful day was coming to an end .. it was almost like some invisible force was going all out to get into my way... glad to have made it so far despite the god-forsaken invisible-force's ill-intentions, i was now going to lean my seat back and be lost to the chaotic world. and rest myself till kingdom come.. only our seats were the row right in front of the emergency-exit-over-the-wings, and such seats do not lean back! the flight attendant told us that... when you try to sleep sitting upright, you tend to fall on all sides and that constituted the airborne part of the onward journey.

but before that, there was some wide-eyed excitement as the aircraft kinda drove around, like turned left turned right and turned every which way, on the tarmac to reach what seemed like a runway in the neighbouring town. ( the airport looked small and distant ) at the right runway, the aircraft waited at one end like an obedient child... the taxiing down the runway, when it finally happened, and the take-off was a pleasure to the senses, esp because of the accompanying motor-sounds coming from the wings. the twinkling city lights looked like a miniature toyland. everything looked so so peaceful and calm and beautiful... and warm and cozy.. and peaceful and calm.. no running around for a new boarding pass.. no being in the middle of a security glitch.. now, i either fly towards the vacation-spot... or something happens and the aircraft turns around... or something happens and the aircraft stops flying.. either of these was preferrable to rushing to the airport in a madman's taxi.. or have people blame each other over me..

for now all was well... and it was time to catch a few winks. for when i'd wake up.. good times would begin.. amen!

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