Saturday, April 27, 2013

jurong bird park singapore

S.E.A acquarium at resorts world sentosa

the world's largest aquarium.. and one of its kind for housing the world's largest collection of manta rays...  beautiful and breath-taking and beyond imagination...

a beautiful passage in vivo city mall

artwork at harbourfront mrt

the maritime experiential museum at resorts world sentosa

an interactive museum depicting the Asian maritime history and the singapore's importance as a trading port... the museum has miniature boats and ships everywhere and a show on boats/ships/admiral zheng he et al and lives of different ethnicities in singapore.

getting to sentosa island

vivo city mall at the Harbourfront MRT station is the connecting point to sentosa islands which is one of the 63 islands that make up singapore... and you will arrive here when you have to see the aquarium at resorts world and the universal studio and the crane dance. outside the mall, one can see ships docking and tiny train rides for kids and a host of other children-centric activites. you could sit here for hours just watching.

the vivo-city mall:

from vivo city, you can either take the LRT(the monorail) for $3 onward journey to Sentosa(the ride back is free irrespective of whether or not you take the LRT), or take the cable car for $26 and get an amazing view, or stroll along the boardwalk for $1. The boardwalk is picturesque with shaded walkway that also has the travellators(the moving walkways you see at airports) both ways, and an open walkway beside the sea,  dotted with gardens and installations and miniature lights embedded into the tiles and tiny eateries. it's one pretty walk.

the sentosa boardwalk:

the cable-car and views from the boardwalk: