Monday, December 29, 2014

the blue mosque at shah alam

Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah mosque is undoubtedly the most beautiful mosque in Kuala Lumpur. The KTM Commuter train has a stop at Shah Alam and costs MYR 2. The best way to visit the mosque is to go to Batu Caves in the morning and make a stop at Shah Alam during the return trip. Taxi is the only way to get to the mosque and can be found outside the train station.

At the mosque, if you are a visitor from a different country you get assigned a guide free of charge, who will show you around. Lots of blue-stained glass, calligraphy and intricate designs on doorways, windows and walls make this mosque a pretty sight.

Visitors are required to wear a robe provided at the entrance. The marble used in building the mosque came from Langkawi, a beautiful archipelago of islands.

The mosque also has free wi-fi and several courses in islamic studies. Students can be seen loitering around with their laptops

A small lake and huge well-manicured gardens add to the beauty of this place

Saturday, October 04, 2014

the bridges and the boat ride, putrajaya

perdana putra, putrajaya

office of the prime minister of malaysia, this building is right next to the pink mosque..

masjid putra at putrajaya

popularly known as the pink mosque or the putra mosque... this colossal mosque is built beside the river that feeds the city with drinking water

the city of putrajaya

putrajaya is accessible from kuala lumpur by buses and by the KLIA Transit. KLIA transit from KL Sentral to the KLIA airports makes 3 stops on the way, one of which in putrajaya.

at the putrajaya station, take a flight of stairs down to reach the bus-terminus. Nadi Putra buses in putrajaya cost half a ringgit to any destination... so you can just hop into any bus and take a trip around the whole city. the city is a well-planned one - extra wide roads, boulevards, ample green spaces, modern buildings with fancy architecture, impeccable cleanliness and all. even the street-lights are very decorative.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

batu caves, kuala lumpur

Batu caves in Kuala Lumpur is well connected by a train, KTM Commuter... the equivalent of a passenger train in India... in the middle of flat lands, is a very tall limestone hill that has a series of caves that house hindu tempes... The temple complex has:
- a venkateshwara and hanuman temple at the entrance from KTM Commuter train station
- ganapati temple at the foot of the steps leading to the cave
- a beautiful pond with koi fish and turtles
- a few eateries, including a jain outlet
- a few souvenir shops
- a lot of small shops selling flowers and temple paraphernalia

Narrow and very steep steps, 272 in all, lead you past a huge golden lord murugan statue... to huge beautiful caves... monkeys and people offering coconut pieces to them, keep you company. the climb is quite a breeze.. the first huge cave has some flat land housing a few CD shops blaring tamil devotional music... there are a few smelly spots with dead rats and dead birds.. water keeps dripping down from the limestone roof. the inside is a beautiful, very huge cave... with picturesque stalactites hanging from everywhere... it was quite humid

the petronas towers at kuala lumpur

the towers and everything around it gets beautifully lit up in the evenings.. you could sit around and watch the fountains and the building for hours. an underground walk-way leading to the metro station opens right beside the tower. the tower has an extensive food courts, shopping places and offices.

that's the building opposite the towers... nicely lit.. lots of place to sit around... and the metro runs till 11pm.

the now-swanky bangalore international airport

the new-look after an extension with an additional terminal.. earlier, the seating arrangement was crowded with sorry-looking chairs.. the extension is only for the international section, with nice sofas and plenty of charging points... two new and short travellators.. many more eating places.. and lots of indoor plants.. 

the airport still doesn't have a viewing gallery for visitors, the way the old one at HAL had - visitors could go up a floor and watch the planes land and take-off.... there were plenty of takers for climbing trees and scaling walls to look at the landing and take-offs... the new airport lacks this fun!

the airport outsides still has it's bad aesthetics.. foul-mouthed cabbies... yelling conductors.. and tons of men leching at women... and the general non-cleanliness. the toilet for visitors is a good 200 mtr walk away from the airport building and not in great shape.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

my tiny garden

the crop from the methi/fenugreek plant...

growing in a small thermocol box. After a few harvests, the crop dried up.

Friday, January 31, 2014

a day trip to Shree Siddagana Mutt at Tumkur

a day trip to srirangapatna

The Nimishamba temple at Ganjam in Srirangapatna, beside river Cauvery... and the Kasi Vishwanath temple at Gosai ghat, again on the banks of Cauvery..

Tipu Sultan's tomb at Srirangapatna: