Saturday, August 23, 2014

batu caves, kuala lumpur

Batu caves in Kuala Lumpur is well connected by a train, KTM Commuter... the equivalent of a passenger train in India... in the middle of flat lands, is a very tall limestone hill that has a series of caves that house hindu tempes... The temple complex has:
- a venkateshwara and hanuman temple at the entrance from KTM Commuter train station
- ganapati temple at the foot of the steps leading to the cave
- a beautiful pond with koi fish and turtles
- a few eateries, including a jain outlet
- a few souvenir shops
- a lot of small shops selling flowers and temple paraphernalia

Narrow and very steep steps, 272 in all, lead you past a huge golden lord murugan statue... to huge beautiful caves... monkeys and people offering coconut pieces to them, keep you company. the climb is quite a breeze.. the first huge cave has some flat land housing a few CD shops blaring tamil devotional music... there are a few smelly spots with dead rats and dead birds.. water keeps dripping down from the limestone roof. the inside is a beautiful, very huge cave... with picturesque stalactites hanging from everywhere... it was quite humid

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