Saturday, August 23, 2014

the now-swanky bangalore international airport

the new-look after an extension with an additional terminal.. earlier, the seating arrangement was crowded with sorry-looking chairs.. the extension is only for the international section, with nice sofas and plenty of charging points... two new and short travellators.. many more eating places.. and lots of indoor plants.. 

the airport still doesn't have a viewing gallery for visitors, the way the old one at HAL had - visitors could go up a floor and watch the planes land and take-off.... there were plenty of takers for climbing trees and scaling walls to look at the landing and take-offs... the new airport lacks this fun!

the airport outsides still has it's bad aesthetics.. foul-mouthed cabbies... yelling conductors.. and tons of men leching at women... and the general non-cleanliness. the toilet for visitors is a good 200 mtr walk away from the airport building and not in great shape.

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