Monday, December 29, 2014

the blue mosque at shah alam

Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah mosque is undoubtedly the most beautiful mosque in Kuala Lumpur. The KTM Commuter train has a stop at Shah Alam and costs MYR 2. The best way to visit the mosque is to go to Batu Caves in the morning and make a stop at Shah Alam during the return trip. Taxi is the only way to get to the mosque and can be found outside the train station.

At the mosque, if you are a visitor from a different country you get assigned a guide free of charge, who will show you around. Lots of blue-stained glass, calligraphy and intricate designs on doorways, windows and walls make this mosque a pretty sight.

Visitors are required to wear a robe provided at the entrance. The marble used in building the mosque came from Langkawi, a beautiful archipelago of islands.

The mosque also has free wi-fi and several courses in islamic studies. Students can be seen loitering around with their laptops

A small lake and huge well-manicured gardens add to the beauty of this place